Dr Phil: Rob’s Hit and Run Case & Being Falsely Accused of Murder


Dr Phil February 18 2013 Preview

On Monday February 18 2013, Dr. Phil is going to get to the bottom of a hit and run case. Rob says that he never hit anyone with his car, but one family says that he did. Will he be willing to take a polygraph and what could it uncover?

Dr Phil: Hit And Run Case

Dr Phil: Rob's Hit and Run Case & Being Falsely Accused of Murder

On February 18 2013, Dr. Phil will help one family find the truth in a hit and run case. Was their son falsely accused?


A family claims that someone ran their son over. They believe it is Rob, but Rob and his family say there is no evidence. Rob says he never knew the man that was run down. Dr. Phil revealed in the preview that the man who died had Rob’s number in his cell phone. Could Rob be hiding something?

Rob’s family is upset because their son is being falsely accused of a hit and run. The sister of the victim wants Rob to take a polygraph. Will Rob take the polygraph and clear his name? Dr. Phil’s polygraph tests have been revealing in the past. We’ll find out the truth behind this he-said-she-said case on Monday February 18 2013.

Dr Phil: Dealing With False Accusations

Dr. Phil has helped several people recently deal with false accusations. If you or someone you love is being accused of doing something they didn’t do, here are some of Dr. Phil’s tips.

  • You give the rumors power by reacting to them. You want to surround yourself with supporters and ignore the people that bring you down.
  • Believe in who you are and take you power back. This means that you walk forward from the situation and know the truth will win out in time. 
  • You may feel guilty even if you are innocent. This is what Dr. Phil calls guilt by accusation.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of acting out against your support team. This happens when you are so fed up with the accusations that you take your frustrations out on those closest to you.
  • Give yourself what you wish you would get from others. People may come forward and admit they were wrong or they may not.


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