Dr Phil: Rhea’s Cleaning Standards & Stage Mom Jessica’s Child Star


Dr Phil April 16 2013 Preview

On April 16 2013, Dr Phil talks to Jessica, a stage mom that wants her daughter to be a child star. Jessica has blown almost $20,000 to help her seven-year-old be a star, but her husband thinks it’s a waste of money. Dr Phil brings in talent agents Susie Mains and Lindsay Stewart to see if their daughter has what it takes. They offer tips for anyone who wants to bring their child to Hollywood.

Dr Phil: Rhea's Cleaning Standards & Stage Mom Jessica's Child Star

On April 16 2013, Dr Phil tries to help Rhea and Nate find a common ground in their cleaning. Also, Jessica wants her daughter to be a star, but does she have what it takes?


Then, Rhea and Nate’s marriage is on the brink of divorce. Rhea doesn’t think the Nate does his chores well enough and Nate wants Rhea to lighten up. Rhea thinks that Nate doesn’t care about her, but are her standards just too high?

Dr Phil: Child Star Talent Search

Jessica wants her seven-year-old, Cailey, to be a big star. She’s dropped $20,000 to make her dreams a reality. Jessica’s husband, Steve, thinks his wife is just draining their bank account with her pipe dreams. Dr Phil puts Cailey’s talents to the test and brings in two talent scouts, Susie Mains and LIndsay Stewart. They have advice for parents who want their children to make it in Hollywood.

Dr Phil: Rhea’s Cleaning Standards

Nate and Rhea say their marriage is going down the tubes. Rhea wants her home spotless and makes her husband do unlimited chores. Nate thinks that Rhea is too tightly wound and feels like a child in his home. If Rhea’s standards don’t change, Nate is ready for divorce.


On this episode, Rhea complains about the time Nate tried to paint a nightstand in the yard. Grass was caught on the bottom and formed a painted on grass skirt. Dr Phil flew the nightstand out to see this grass skirt problem.


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