Dr. Phil: Psychiatrist Examines A Broken Marriage That Is A War Zone


Dr. Phil: May 6 2013

Recapo Update: Here are the segments from the show:

Dr. Phil: Marital Problems, Spousal Abuse And Owning Your Behavior

Dr. Phil: Dishonesty In Marriage & Taking Responsibility For Actions

Dr. Phil: Jesse Wanted Mary To Get An Abortion & Pregnant Booty Call?

Dr. Phil: Jesse And Mary’s Kids Are Witnessing Domestic Abuse

Dr. Phil: Traumatic Childhood Abuse & Taking Responsibility

Dr. Phil: Psychiatrist Examines A Broken Marriage That Is A War Zone

On May 6, Dr. Phil tries to help a couple sort out their broken marriage.


On Monday, May 6 2013, Dr. Phil will be taking a look at a problem that has been around since the beginning of matrimony, holy or otherwise: marriages that are just not working out. While the topic is not new to anyone, and certainly not someone like Dr. Phil, I can imagine that the subjects will bring something to the table that no one, including the good doctor have ever seen before. Hey, they have to be unique in some way or another. Why else would they be invited on if their wreck of a marriage was just like everyone else’s wreck of a marriage? Something’s gotta be pretty bad here.

Dr. Phil: Broken Marriages

Vegas has chapels dedicated entirely to drive-through marriage. Kim Kardashian got a divorce insultingly soon after she married Kris Humphries. It’s not a secret– marriage isn’t quite the holy institute that it used to be. Eminem could write songs upon songs about his ex-wife Kim. Oh, wait–he did.

People will stop to watch a marriage fall to pieces like they rubberneck at a car accident. It’s nothing new, but always entertaining in all the wrong ways. However, being part of a broken relationship of any level is not quite the same as it is peering through the window, nothing but a voyeur looking to sate an emotional blood lust.


Do you think you will have any emotional connection to this upcoming episode of Dr. Phil? Have you ever been in a relationship or marriage that didn’t work out? Did you go get counseling, or abandon all hope and go your separate ways, wondering where it all went wrong?

Let us know your tales of woe in the comments below!


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