Dr Phil: Preventing Teen Pregnancy & Parents Setting An Example


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Dr Phil: Why Is Karieann’s 14-Year-Old Obsessed With Getting Pregnant?


Dr Phil: Teen Pregnancy Plan & Karieann’s Daughter Agrees To Help

Dr Phil: Repairing Relationship Of Teen Mom Lauren & Daughter Kayla

Dr Phil April 24 2013

It’s a Teen Pregnancy Trap on the next all new episode of Dr Phil. Karrieann, a 14-year-old girl, is obsessed with getting pregnant. How young is too young to be thinking about starting a family, and is she going about it in all the wrong ways?


Dr Phil: Teen Pregnancy

Dr Phil: Preventing Teen Pregnancy & Parents Setting An Example

On April 25 2013, Dr Phil will talk to women who are concerned about teen pregnancy, including a 14-year-old who is obsessed with having a baby of her own.

Find out why Karieann said that she wants to have a baby, and why she thinks she does not need any help in raising it as her own. This girl seems like she is bringing quite a bit of baggage to the table, and Dr Phil will get to spend a busy hour unpacking all of it.

Plus, you may be shocked to discover the lengths she has gone to in her quest to have a child of her own.

Dr Phil: Preventing Teen Pregnancy

Later in the show, Dr Phil will talk to a former teen mom who wants her daughter to have a better shot in life. Discover what she is doing in hopes of helping her own child avoid the same mistakes she has made along the way.

How long could you walk away from your own child? The April 24 episode of Dr Phil promises to be explosive and upsetting. See what advice he is dishing out on this edition of the show, and how it could be practical for parents and teens everywhere.

Dr Phil: Parents Setting An Example

Parents can have a huge impact in the behavior of their children. Dr Phil’s advice on helping young people avoid pregnancy is to encourage open communication and be direct about your values as a parent.

Emphasizing the value of education and monitoring your child’s relationships with friends can all be helpful ways of discouraging unwanted or negative behavior. Being an involved parent is the best thing you can do in a child’s life.

Get more advice in a new episode of Dr Phil, airing Wednesday, April 24 2013.


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