Dr. Phil: Peeping Tom Husband Puts Pictures Of Wife On Internet


Dr. Phil May 7 2013

Update From Recapo: Here are the segments from today’s show:

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Dr. Phil: Peeping Tom Father Tells Wife To Take Ownership Of Actions

Dr. Phil: Shocked Daughter Finds Mother’s Photos On Adult Website

Dr. Phil: Husband Breaks Trust & Family Thinks Parents Should Divorce

Dr. Phil: Beginning The Healing Process For Henry And Debra

We’ve all heard of a Peeping Toms, but when has the “Tom” doing the peeping ever been peeping on his wife? If that part seems strange, wait until I tell you that he then proceeded to put these pictures on the internet. If you’re wondering what the heck is going on here, you aren’t alone.


Dr. Phil: Peeping Tom Says “She Did Give Me Permission”

Dr. Phil: Peeping Tom Husband Puts Pictures Of Wife On Internet

A husband is guilty of being a peeping tom, on his own wife?!

As strange as it seems, the wife apparently gave the peeping tom husband permission to take these photos, which strikes me as strangely as I’m sure it’s striking you. He even claims that she told him she didn’t care what he did.

Somehow, this doesn’t all add up and somehow, I feel as if it is safe to assume that she did not give him specific permission to take photos of her using concealed cameras and video equipment and then post them on the internet for everyone to see…including their children. Yikes.


In fact, during a preview, it pretty much looks like the guy’s kid comes on camera and calls him a peeping tom! Wow.

Dr. Phil: No Woman Would Ever Be Okay With This

Those aren’t the exact words Dr. Phil uses, but the message is the same. On what planet would a woman be okay with their husband taking hidden photos of them in compromising positions and then say that she doesn’t care what he does with them? Obviously, this is only a preview of things to come, but there is a strong feeling brewing inside of me that just a little bit of miscommunication will come to light. Everybody who thinks that Dr. Phil is going to conclude the episode by getting the couple to start working on their communication, raise their hand. *raises hand* We’ll see tomorrow!


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