Dr. Phil: Mother Pays Deadbeat Son’s $5,000 Child Support


Dr. Phil: May 22 2013

Recapo Update: Here are the segments from today’s show:

Dr. Phil: Ed Will Divorce Johnna If She Doesn’t Stop Enabling Her Son

Dr. Phil: Johnna Paid Her Son’s Court Costs & Did His Job Applications

Dr. Phil: Chase Pays For Video Games, But Not His Child Support

Dr. Phil: Chase Claims To Pay Child Support, But Has No Job

Dr. Phil: Chase Gets Help He Needs To Stop Being A Deadbeat Dad

On Dr. Phil May 22 2013, Dr. Phil will have a unique situation on his hands. We’ve all heard about the stereotypical deadbeat father, but a deadbeat son? Ed says that his wife, Johnna, is allowing their 23-year-old son, Chase to freeload off the family, and he’s thinking about getting a divorce.


Dr. Phil: Johnna Pays $5,000 For Chase’s Annual Child Support

Dr. Phil: Mother Pays Deadbeat Son's $5,000 Child Support

Will Johnna ever stop enabling her deadbeat son?

It looks like deadbeat son has become deadbeat father as well. Johnna is currently paying for Chase’s $5,000 in child support for his two-year-old son, his cell phone bills, and even applies to jobs for him. Chase, who is currently living with his grandmother, somehow still blames his mother for the way his life is going and his lack of motivation. Dr. Phil, along with the rest of America, is wondering why Johnna hasn’t cut this scum bag off. What does she have to say for herself?

I’m also wondering what Dr. Phil is going to say to Chase to get him turned around, because the person he is now makes my stomach turn.


Dr. Phil: Johnna’s Rough Past Is Effecting Her Mothering Abilities

With Ed threatening to leave Johnna if she doesn’t shed the dead weight of her son, Johnna had better figure out what’s affecting her mothering abilities, but she might already know what’s wrong. She apparently had a rough childhood that is bleeding over into her adult life, and these may be affecting her parenting. What did Johnna’s mother do to her in the past that left her so messed up?

Johnna’s mother will actually be making an appearance on the next episode of Dr. Phil to reveal some of her parenting, so we may have to wait until Thursday to get all of the dirty little details behind what is wrong with Johnna as a mother.


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