Dr. Phil: Mother Is Trying To Sabotage Her Son’s Relationship


Dr. Phil: May 30 2013

Recapo Update: This episode of Dr Phil has aired…

On Dr. Phil May 30 2013, Christian says that his mother is trying to sabotage his relationship with Beth, his fiance. She is constantly meddling in their business and berating her. If things don’t get any better or Christian’s mother doesn’t outright stop with the harassment, she says that she will be forced to end her engagement with Christian.


Dr. Phil: Mother Is Trying To Sabotage Her Son's Relationship

Christians mother is trying to sabotage her son’s relationship. Is she crazy, or just looking out for her son?

The biggest shame in it all? Christian used to have a good relationship with his mother, and now, he has cancelled his wedding with Beth twice because of his mother’s behavior. Can Dr. Phil resolve this issue between mother, son, and fiance?

Dr. Phil: Christian’s Mother Is Trying To Sabotage Her Son’s Relationship

“My fiancé’s mother has never said anything nice. It’s always been malicious, underhanded, conniving, mean — every chance Carol gets, she berates me,” says Beth of her soon-to-be mother-in-law. Carol has never been nice to Beth since the moment she has met her, and has even even went as far to call Beth ugly.


Christian backs up Beth’s claims. He says that his mother never liked Beth since the beginning of their relationship, and has always made it a point to criticize Beth whenever she gets a chance to. However, Christian did live at home until her was 30 as a single child, so maybe this is the source of Carol’s defensiveness?

Dr. Phil: Why Christian’s Mother Is Trying To Sabotage Her Son’s Relationship

Christian’s mother think she has good reason to get in the way of the relationship. She says that Beth smokes, has no respect for her, and swears all the time. When she also found out that Beth had been married four times prior to meeting Christian, it appeared as a red flag to her. Wouldn’t Beth have gotten marriage right by now if it was going to work out for her?


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