Dr. Phil: Man’s Estranged Wife & Kids Joins Fellowship Of The Martyrs


Dr. Phil: May 21 2013

Recapo Update: Here are the segments from today’s show:

Dr Phil: Is Fellowship Of The Martyrs A Cult? Leader Doug Perry Speaks

Dr. Phil: James’s Life Was Ruined By Fellowship Of The Martyrs

Dr. Phil: God Told Jennifer To Divorce James & FOTM Is Not A Cult

Dr. Phil: Attorney Matt O’Connor – Doug Perry Shouldn’t Be Here

Dr. Phil: Doug Perry Prayed That God Would Kill Everyone On the Planet

On Dr. Phi May 21 2013, a James comes on the show with his estranged wife, Jennifer, to find out if she has gotten their children involved in the cult she joined after the two split.


Dr. Phil: Jennifer Joins Fellowship Of The Martyrs

Dr. Phil: Man's Estranged Wife & Kids Joins Fellowship Of The Martyrs

James’ estranged wife joined Fellowship Of The Martyrs, a cult, with their kids.

Two years ago, Jennifer moved her and James’ family to Missouri to join the Fellowship Of The Martyrs, where she quickly grew attached to the group’s leader, Doug Perry. Doug claims that he can hear the voice of God, and it’s things like this that had James thinking that this guy might be getting people to drink Kool Aid. Soon after the bond formed between Jennifer and Doug, the marriage between her and James fell apart.

Dr. Phil: James Lands In Jail

Eventually, James understandably thought that this Fellowship Of The Martyrs might be a bad influence on his family, and tried to move them back out of Missouri. When Jennifer refused, James left with his kids in the middle of the night. Where did this get him? Jail—on kidnapping charges. That’s where it got him.


With the kids now back with his wife, James is coming on the show to not only fight for custody of his children, but potentially save his marriage. It will most certainly be interesting to watch these two patch that back together.

Doug Perry will also be coming on the show so that Dr. Phil can find out if he got Jennifer to leave her husband. Given that she is convinced that Fellowship Of The Martyrs, which let me remind you is run by a man who claims that he can speak to God, is not a cult, and that she does believe the cult leader (yes, I’m calling this thing a cult) can speak to God, I’m guess it’s pretty apparent how much he’s manipulated her.


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