Dr. Phil: Man Gets Shot In the Head By Ex-Wife & Explains Shooting


Dr. Phil May 10 2013 Preview

Recapo Update: Here are the segments from today’s show:

Dr Phil: Woman Shoots Her Husband So She Can Be With Her Ex-Cop Lover

Dr Phil: Gambling Problems In a Marriage & Man Admits To Stalking Wife

Dr Phil Man Says Part Of Him Wants To Reconcile With Wife Who Shot Him

Dr Phil: Husband Refuses To Testify Against Wife That Shot Him Twice

Dr Phil: Daughter ‘Knows’ Dad Is Still In Love With Wife Who Shot Him

Ed, the ex-husband of Leah, is coming in to Dr. Phil to talk about being shot in head and where his relationship is with the person who shot him in the head. I’m going to ballpark this one and assume it’s somewhere between “I’m having second thoughts about us” and “things have been a little awkward lately.” Given what his ex-wife said on the show, though, you might be surprised. In a rare two-part series, we will bear witness to the saga of Leah and Ed’s travesty of a marriage and the unfortunate children who were in tow as the couple took a joyride through matrimonial hell.


Dr. Phil: Man Gets Shot In the Head By Ex-Wife & Explains Shooting

Ed comes on the show to explain the events leading up to the shooting.

How a Divorce Lead To a Shooting

“Lots of people get divorced. Why did this one end with you getting shot?”

It looks like Dr. Phil will waste no time in getting the question that is banging on the walls of anyone’s mind who watched the May 9 2013 episode. It looks like the ex-police officer boyfriend had something to do with the shooting. Thinking that she and her new love interest could never be happy together with Ed alive, Leah shot Ed. Leah, of course, tells a different tale that is a little more damsel in distress than it is cold killer. Love triangles, cheating and violence? When does the reality show start?


Dr. Phil: Will Leah and Ed Reconcile?

One of the craziest things that came out of the May 9 episode was hearing Leah, who had shot her husband repeatedly, tell Dr. Phil that she was interested in reconciling with him. On May 10 2013, we will get to hear if Leah was making things up or if Ed really is as delusional as Leah seemed to be. If you want to allow your speculative juices to stew overnight in anticipation, though, I will leave you with this quote from Ed: “I think the fantasy of a perfect marriage is there.”


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