Dr Phil: Man Accused Of Killing Wife & Tips For Dealing With Gossip

Dr Phil February 8 2013

Kelly found his wife Margaret dead in her bathtub on August 2, 2011. The death was ruled an accidental drowning but her best friends, Nancy and Christine, are calling Kelly a killer in an all-new Dr. Phil February 8 2013.

Dr Phil: Kelly Accused Of His Wife’s Murder

Dr Phil: Man Accused Of Killing Wife & Tips For Dealing With Gossip

On February 8 2013, Dr. Phil will help a man who has been accused of his wife’s murder battle the rumors and gossip.


In August 2011, Kelly found his wife of more than five years dead in the bathtub. On Friday’s Dr. Phil, Kelly recounts the day his wife died. He said that their marriage was far from perfect but he said he had nothing to do with his wife’s death. Police ruled Margaret’s death an accidental drowning, but her friends want the case reopened. Nancy and Christine think that Kelly killed Margaret.

Kelly is now accusing Nancy and Christine of throwing a caustic substance in his face. Nancy, Christine and Kelly will come face-to-face for the first time in two years. Do they have evidence against Kelly? They contacted homicidal drowning investigator Andrea Zaferes, who will also be on the show, to find out if there was foul play in their friend’s death.

To top it all off, Kelly will take a polygraph to settle the score. Don’t miss the results on February 8 2013!


Dr Phil: What To Do When You’re Falsely Accused

When gossip threatens to ruin your life, Dr. Phil has suggestions on ways to take control back.

  • Accept that the event happened and begin to move past it. Deal with the now.
  • Change your internal dialogue. If you keep stewing over how your life is ruined, you will never move on.
  • You create your own experience. You need to learn from your bad decisions and move on.
  • Reach out to people that can help you clear your name and begin with your inner circle of family and friends.
  • Put out what you want to get back. People could come forward and admit that they were wrong, but then again they might not.
  • Watch your words and don’t fell into a trap. Stand up for yourself, your feelings and your beliefs. Don’t give others power over you anymore.


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