Dr Phil: Life Code, Being Used By Your Husband & Benefit Of the Doubt


Dr Phil March 25 2013 Preview

Recapo Update: The recaps for this episode are now available…

On March 25 2013, Dr Phil is talking to a man that is wanted by the police. Whatever he did, Dr Phil believes it was horrible. Dr Phil can usually give people the “You’re not horrible, you can change” speech. Whatever this man did, it’s really bad.


The kicker is that his lovely wife still believes he is a good man. She’s clearly been brainwashed or is so stunned by love that she can’t see anything else. This couple looks completely normal. What is it that Dr Phil hates so much about them?

Dr Phil: Life Code, Being Used By Your Husband & Benefit Of the Doubt

On March 25 2013, Dr Phil advises a wife to turn in her wanted husband.

Dr Phil: Wanted Man

On March 25, Dr Phil’s stage is surprisingly not full of cops. If they wanted this man so badly, you would think the cops would be on him. It’s confusing what this man did to be seen as so evil be Dr Phil and yet still good to his wife.


No doubt, Dr Phil will give the wife a copy of his book, Life Code. It’s a set of rules for winning at life. I think this wife probably needs them if she’s still protecting a wanted man. She knows that he is wanted by the police, but she is hiding his whereabouts from the authorities.

Dr Phil: Benefit Of the Doubt

In this March 25 episode I can see Dr Phil pulling out his benefit of the doubt card. While it’s our natural inclination to give someone the benefit of the doubt, Dr Phil says to throw that out of the window. That’s how people get used. If you are getting used, then you can’t win at life.

Dr Phil is right. Life Code has some valuable points that I think this woman can learn from. Winners need to have a plan for their lives that doesn’t involve others. They focus on themselves, because that’s the only way that they can win in today’s world. We’ll just have to see if she can get away from being used by her wanted husband.


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