Dr Phil: Kidnapped By Their Father & Searching For Mom Years Later


Dr Phil March 11 2013 Preview

Recapo Update: The recaps for this episode are now available…

Dr Phil is all-new on Monday March 11 2013. He’s got a family that was torn apart by an abusive father. Sisters talk about how their mother left them when they needed her most, or was she run off? Dr. Phil talks to the family and the sisters who say they were kidnapped.


Dr Phil: Kidnapped By Their Father & Searching For Mom Years Later

On March 11 2013, Dr. Phil talks to sisters who said they were kidnapped by their father.

Dr Phil: Kidnapped By Their Father

These sisters say they were kidnapped by their father at a young age. Their father then abused them and ruined their childhoods. They talk about how it was growing up with him and the scars they came out with.

Now grown, the girls are searching for their mother. Dr. Phil has brought their mother to the show to give them closure. When their mother is finally in the same room as the women, how will they react? There is talk of abandonment, and how could the mother have allowed their father to hurt them?


It’s a tale of family turmoil on Monday March 11 2013. Good luck, Dr. Phil.

Dr Phil: Tips For Verbally Abusive People

Dr Phil cautions people that are hasty to get mad to watch the way they talk. Watch for meltdowns. The first step to dealing with verbal attacks is to watch for the signs that come when you get mad. Then you need to make a conscious decision to cope with the problem. Write down your thoughts and think before you speak. Then you can put an accountability partner in place. Call and talk to this person when you feel like yelling. You can read them what you wrote and discuss your feelings openly. To deal with these problems long-term, counseling is always the best option.

For the guests on Dr. Phil’s March 11 2013 show, these steps can come in handy when they go back to building relationships with their family.


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