Dr Phil: Karlyn, Elyssia & Jodi In Lifelong Mother-Daughter Drama


Dr Phil April 12 2013 Preview

Recapo Update: The recaps for this episode are now available:

On April 12 2013, Dr Phil closes the week out with an hour of all-new drama. Karlyn wants to get closure with her mother. When her parents divorced, Jodi kicked her children out of her home for siding with their father. Karlyn’s younger sister Elyssia says that her sister is the one who tore them all apart. Then their mother says she is the victim. Whose story is true and who is crying for attention? Dr Phil gets to the bottom of this mother-daughter drama.


Dr Phil: Karlyn’s Side Of the Story

Dr Phil: Karlyn, Elyssia & Jodi In Lifelong Mother-Daughter Drama

On April 12 2013, Dr Phil talks to two sisters and a mother who are all telling different stories. Who is really the victim here?

Karlyn tells Dr Phil that her mother’s divorce was what tore the family apart. Jodi kicked out Karlyn and her brothers, Blake and Jordan. She thinks that her children side with their father and don’t care if they hurt their mother. Jodi only lives five miles away and Karlyn hasn’t seen her in over 12 years.

Dr Phil: Elyssia’s Side Of the Story

The next player in the family drama is the younger sister Elyssia. She says that Karlyn is the drama. She believes her older sister is manipulative and brainwashed their family.


Dr Phil: Jodi’s Side Of the Story

The mother of drama herself tells yet another side. Jodi cries victim and says that her children ran out on her.

All of this she-said-she-said drama is sure to annoy Dr Phil. He’s going to want them to drop the act and tell him the truth. I can hear it already, “If you aren’t going to be real here, you are wasting my time and your time. We’ll shut off the cameras and go do something else.”

It’s always great when Dr Phil threatens to shut things done. He hasn’t come through on the threat, but it usually lights a fire under the guests to tell the truth.


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