Dr. Phil: Jennifer’s 10-Year-Old Children Are Smoking Weed


Dr. Phil: May 24 2013

Recapo Update: Here are the segments from today’s show:

Dr. Phil: Jennifer And Ralph Are Models Of Poor Parenting

Dr. Phil: Forest Fires And Child Abuse – Ralph & Jennifer’s Family

Dr. Phil: Jennifer Has A 10 Year Old With Suicidal Thoughts

Dr. Phil: Jennifer’s Daughter Sleeping With An Older Man & Cohabiting

Dr. Phil: Jennifer And Ralph Get Parenting Help & Therapy For Kids

On Dr. Phil May 24 2013, Darcy brings her sister, Jennifer, onto the show because she runs a household like your least favorite president runs a country…poorly. She says that her and her husband’s neglect is beginning to have an impact on their children, who are acting up as a result.


Dr. Phil: Jennifer’s Children Are Acting Up

Dr. Phil: Jennifer's 10-Year-Old Children Are Smoking Weed

Jennifer’s 10-year-old children are smoking weed.

If there are any mothers of fathers reading this, prepare to feel a lot better about whatever shortcomings you have as a parent. Since Jennifer and her husband, Ralph, run such a poor household, their electricity is often shut off, their kitchen is bare, and they have very few rules. This isn’t doing their four children any favors. 

Their 8 and 10-year-old children are smoking weed (you read those ages right), play with weapons, and recently started a local forest fire. Their 10-year-old once wrote someone a note asking them to kill him in his sleep. Jennifer’s 12-year-old daughter recently had to report to truancy court, while the 16-year-old daughter has an older, stay-in boyfriend that she regularly sleeps with unprotected.


Unless either Ralph or Jennifer are currently reading this, I can’t imagine that anyone is walking away from this article feeling any worse about themselves.

Dr. Phil: Ralph Blames Jennifer For State Of Disarray

While Ralph does admit that he is struggling to support the family financially, he also points a lot of fingers at Jennifer, who he says has checked out as a mother (ya think?). Jennifer comes to her own defense (who else would) by saying that she knows she has grown detached from the family, but the depression that she is suffering from is preventing her from fixing the problem. All I can wonder is who would ever be okay that their children are smoking weed?

I’m sure Dr. Phil is going to have a few interesting things to say to these people about parenting when they get on his show.


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