Dr Phil: Jeff’s Secret Cell Phone Cheating & J-uan’s Baby Mama Drama


Dr Phil April 5 2013 Preview

Dr Phil: Jeff's Secret Cell Phone Cheating & J-uan's Baby Mama Drama

On April 5 2013, Dr Phil lays out the issue of infidelity. Should cheating spouses stay together?

On April 5 2013, Dr Phil is resembling an episode of Jerry SpringerApril found out that her husband had a secret phone with racy photos and texts from other women. Jeff said the cheating was not what tore their relationship apart, but April feels the betrayal is to blame. Was she abusing Jeff? Then, Dr Phil helps Charnay and J-uan come to terms with J-uan’s cheating. What sparked his infidelity?


Dr Phil: Secret Cell Phone Romance

April’s husband Jeff has a secret cell phone he uses to cheat on his wife. April said that after years of building a home, a life and having kids, she feels the ultimate betrayal. For Jeff, 15 years just wasn’t a dream like April thought. He tells Dr Phil on April 5 that he was verbally and physically abused by April. April supposedly made fun of him for not making as much money as she does. April was the one paying for their cars, fancy vacations and home on the river.

Dr Phil isn’t sure that their marriage should be saved. Was Jeff’s infidelity justified or should he be the one crawling back to April?

Dr Phil: Charnay’s Cheating Husband

Also on April 5, Dr Phil tries to shake some sense into Charnay. Her husband J-uan cheated on his first wife with her and cheated on her with another woman. Charnay tells Dr Phil that one month after marriage, J-uan had fathered a child with another woman. This is really starting to sound like an episode of Maury.


Charnay says that she never would have married J-uan if she knew he was a cheater. How could she not know he was a cheater? J-uan says he wants to save their marriage, but Dr Phil will tell him if it’s worth saving.


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