Dr Phil: J.R. Martinez Full Of Heart Review & Aurora Colorado Shooting


Dr Phil April 4 2013 Preview

On April 4 2013, Dr Phil has a heart to heart with J.R. Martinez. The war hero and Dancing with the Stars champion has a new book, Full of Heart: My Story of Survival, Strength and SpiritHe tells Dr Phil about his near-death accident and how he rose to fame. Martinez also brings in his girlfriend and talks about what is standing in the way of marriage.

Then, Dr Phil speaks with a woman who was shot during the 2012 Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting. Her fiancé comes with her to talk to Dr Phil about how she should attempt to move on. Also in this episode, Andrea Bocelli and David Foster perform.


Dr Phil: J.R. Martinez Full Of Heart Review & Aurora Colorado Shooting

On April 4 2013, Dr Phil talks to J.R. Martinez about his near death experience and why he is having trouble saying “I Do.” (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Dr Phil: J.R. Martinez Full of Heart: My Story of Survival, Strength and Spirit 

Dr Phil and J.R. Martinez will talk about the fateful day that changed Martinez’s life. He was serving in the Iraq war when his humvee drove over a a roadside bomb. He sustained burns to his face and over 30 percent of his body. Since then, Martinez has won the Mirrorball Trophy on Dancing with the Stars and gained fans of his role on All My Children

Martinez brings his girlfriend, Diana, to the show on April 4. He has something holding him back from marrying her, but maybe Dr Phil can help.


Dr Phil: Aurora, Colorado Movie Theater Shooting

In summer 2012, Jasmine was shot in the leg during the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting. She’s talking to Dr Phil on April 4 about why she’s still struggling. Her fiancé, Austin, comes to the show to tell Dr Phil how Jasmine is doing. Dr Phil and J.R. Martinez give the couple advice about moving on and finding the way to live again.

Don’t miss Dr Phil on April 4 when Andrea Bocelli and David Foster perform.



  1. Elisa Lopez says

    Oh my God! How can a man like J R Martinez be so insecure? He is drop dead gorgeous with his scars! He is beautiful inside and out. I wish I could give him therapy. He is awesome.

    From an older woman at 57 years old and praying for J R .


    Elisa R. lopez
    San Antonio, Texas

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