Dr Phil: How To Prevent Teen Love Obsessions & Stalker Ex-Girlfriend


Dr Phil March 12 2013

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On an all-new Dr. Phil March 12 2013, Victoria is stalking her ex-boyfriend. She and Nathan broke up two months ago, but she has been calling him a hundred times and sends him thousands of text messages a day. Will Dr. Phil get Victoria off of her obsession or is Nathan fueling this problem?


Dr Phil: How To Prevent Teen Love Obsessions & Stalker Ex-Girlfriend

On March 12 2013, Dr Phil helps Victoria with her unhealthy obsession with her ex-boyfriend.

Dr Phil: Victoria Stalking Nathan

19-year-old Victoria and Nathan dated for 18 months and broke up two months ago. She has since called him about 100 times a day and sent him around 1,000 text messages in a day. She parks her car outside his house and watches for him to come out every day. She braved the elements to see him.

Dr. Phil talks to Victoria about her love, Nathan. Is there something deeper fueling her love of this seemingly ordinary boy? She says there is no chance to live without Nathan.


Nathan comes out to talk about their relationship. What about him has Victoria under a spell? Could he be fueling her obsession just to play with her? Dr. Phil is pulling out life lessons from Life Code to help Victoria move on.

Dr Phil: How To Prevent Teen Love Obsessions

Kids break up and make up constantly. Dr. Phil has watched it happen many a time and has some notes that parents can apply to help their teens get over love in a healthy way.

It’s important to talk openly about their love and hold your judgements. You should set limits for their phone and internet use in order for them to earn trust and learn the benefits of a balanced relationship. Kids need to learn that a good relationship has give and take, Dr. Phil says.

In order for kids to meet new people, suggest activities that get them talking to their friends. Friends will often monitor their decisions and help them make wiser choices. Dr Phil believes that getting kids involved gives them balance and keeps kids from getting too isolated and then in too deep of a relationship.



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