Dr Phil Helps Family Move Past Daughter’s Death & Clean Out Her Room


Dr Phil June 17 2013 Preview

Recapo Update: This episode of Dr Phil has aired…

Dr Phil on June 17 2013 tackles a heavy memory for one family. In a car accident 10 years ago, their daughter was killed. The entire family was in the car, but their young daughter was the only one that did not survive. Now, the mother is having issues letting go and hasn’t touched her daughter’s bedroom since her death. She’s begun to blame her husband for the death of her daughter, which he had no control over. Can Dr Phil put their lives back together and help them heal?


Dr Phil Helps Family Move Past Daughter's Death & Clean Out Her Room

Dr Phil June 17 2013. Dr Phil tries to help a family move past their daughter’s tragic death and pack up her room ten years after her passing.

Dr Phil Helps Mother Move Past Daughter’s Death

On Monday June 17, a couple shares the story of their daughter’s life. She was a happy child, the apple of their eye. One day, as the family was driving home in their mini-van, a horrible crash sent them off the road. The young girl did not survive the crash.

After her death, the mother was unable to pack away her bedroom. She kept the same pink comforters and belongings just as she had left them—almost as if their owner was coming back to them any moment.


Had she kept the room that way for a few months or a year, that might have been healthy. Ten years later, the mother is still in the past. She can’t move on from the tragedy and has begun to blame her husband for her daughter’s death.

Dr Phil: Wife Blames Husband For Daughter’s Death

Dr Phil tells the couple on June 17 that it’s not their fault that their daughter died, but she wouldn’t want them fighting and living this way. The car accident claimed their daughter’s life, not theirs. The fact that disturbs Dr  Phil the most is that the wife and mother blames her husband and has started picking fights with him to make herself feel better. Dr Phil tells her this is so wrong.

Can she open up her life and clean out her room? Find out on Monday June 17. Check back here for the entire story.


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