Dr. Phil: Grandmother Never Wanted Children And Hates Them


Dr. Phil: Dr. Phil May 23 2013

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If you were watching or reading May 22, you know all about the deadbeat son, Chase that lives with his grandmother, who he said is more of a mother to him than his own mother, Johnna, ever was. However, how was she to her own daughter? Absolutely “demonic,” according to her. The details of Johnna’s lurid childhood experiences are reveled, and grandma shows a side of her you might not have expected.


Dr. Phil: Grandmother Never Wanted Children

Dr. Phil: Grandmother Never Wanted Children And Hates Them

This crazy grandmother not only never wanted children, but told a doctor she might kill one of her own.

It is clear from yesterday’s show that Johnna is somewhat of an incapable mother, but where did it all come from? As we get to know her own mother a little better, it’s looking like she might have been the source.

After having Johnna’s brother, she told the doctor to tie her tubes or she would kill the next one because she never wanted children to begin with, and it looks like she tried. Three days after Johnna was born, she threw her on the bedroom floor! The craziest part? This isn’t Johnna telling the story, it’s her mother openly admitting it.


Dr. Phil: Grandmother Told Johnna She Wishes She Died

Johnna’s brother died when they were both young. Given that he was first and her mother did say that she was going to kill the next child she had (thank goodness she didn’t), Johnna’s mother told her that she thinks the wrong kid died.

Besides referencing the movie Walk Hard in all the wrong ways, this mother was and is clearly a sadistic individual…or just brutally honest. This has be wondering though—how could she be mistaken for Regan MacNeil (Google Image it) as a mother, and then turn around and claim to be a great grandmother?

Something is not adding up, as is usual with the people that come on Dr. Phil. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s show.


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