Dr. Phil: Gina Still Loves Abusive Spouse Jeremy & Won’t Leave Him


Dr. Phil: June 10 2013

Dr. Phil: Gina Still Loves Abusive Spouse Jeremy & Won't Leave Him

Gina won’t leave her abusive spouse Jeremy, even though she thinks he may kill her.

On Dr. Phil June 10 2013, Gina says that the physical and emotional trauma that her abusive spouse, Jeremy, subjects her to has gotten so severe that she has actually began to fear for her life. Jeremy, of course, admits that he has gotten physically abusive with Gina, but says that she has often been the aggressor in the fights that lead to the abuse.


Who is telling the truth? Will this be yet another story of a man downplaying the sadistic rage he unleashes on an innocent woman, or is Jeremy being honest?

Dr. Phil: Gina’s Abusive Marriage

Gina details the extent of her abusive spouse’s violence, and it gets pretty bad. Gina alleges that Jeremy has pulled her hair, choked her, bruised her arms and legs, slammed her against the garage door, shoved her face into the carpet, tore a ligament in her knee, drove a nail through her arm, broken her teeth…and yet the list still goes on.

Somehow, though, out of all the abuse listed here and the abuse that I can’t even mention on Recapo, she said that the most painful of the abuse was when Jeremy hit her with a belt buckle.


Dr. Phil: Gina Still Loves Abusive Spouse

Even more shocking than the abuse is the fact that the reason Gina won’t just leave Jeremy is because she still loves her abusive spouse. She says that she has never loved any man more in her life. So strong is her love for Jeremy that Gina fears that if she leaves him, she may never be able to love another man again.

This is clearly a case of Gina loving the person she wishes her abusive spouse Jeremy would be, rather than the person he is. Do you guys agree?


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