Dr. Phil: Former Star Athlete Gets Arrested For Selling Herself & DUI


Dr. Phil May 16 2013 Preview

Recapo Update: Here are the segments from today’s show:

Dr. Phil: Former Call Girl Fights Sister For Custody Of Son

Dr Phil: Christie’s Arrest Record & Adult Film Exploitation Hurt Her

Dr. Phil: Christie Was Subjected To Abuse By Her Sister Courtney

Dr. Phil: Christie Wants Therapy, But Why From Dr. Phil?

Dr. Phil: Christie Begins Negotiating With Her Sister And Gets Help

From star athlete to call girl, Christie wants to get her son back from her parents, who took custody of the child after Christie was deemed to be an unfit mother. Courtney, Christie’s sister, does not think that Courtney should get her child back, however.


Dr. Phil: Former Star Athlete Gets Arrested For Selling Herself & DUI

Christie is guilty of a DUI, theft and selling her body, and Courtney thinks she’s an unfit mother.

Christie’s Life Of Crime

Courtney says that Christie had it all at one time in her life. She had beauty, brains and even a promising future as a star athlete. However, a series of bad decisions altered the course of Christie’s life forever. A string of crimes including DUI, theft and selling her body all led to arrests, and were eventually followed by a, shall we say, “tape of bedroom footage” with her and a celebrity.

While Christie served three years behind bars for her crimes, Courtney raised her son, Quincey, who is now seven. Courtney has tried unsuccessfully to gain custody of Quincey, who is now living with Christie’s parents while she serves probation in another state.


Courtney Thinks Christie Is an Unfit Mother

With a rap sheet like that, it should come as no surprise that Courtney thinks Christie is not fit to be a mother. With Christie now making moves to take Quincey back from her parents, Courtney is bringing her on the show to put her on the spot for all her past indiscretions.

What does Christie have to say for herself? Like anyone who screwed up (a lot) earlier on in life, she says that the past should be left in the past, that, despite selling herself and the DUI charges, she can be a great mother. Can someone really come back from all of that? Dr. Phil will weigh in on who he thinks should take care of Quincey tomorrow. This should be good.


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