Dr. Phil: Father Enabling His Daughter’s Drug Habit & Drug Addiction


Dr. Phil: Father Enabling His Daughter’s Drug Habit

Dr. Phil: Father Enabling His Daughter's Drug Habit & Drug Addiction

A father enabling his daughter’s drug habit is brought on Dr. Phil tomorrow. Will he stop loving his daughter to death?

On Dr. Phil June 19 2013, Jordan, a 25-year-old drug addict, says that her wealthy father, Roger, is enabling her drug habit. Jordan and Roger’s ex-wife, Donna, come on the show to get Jordan help and talk to Roger about his enabling, hoping to fix both Roger’s parenting and Jordan’s addiction. Here is what’s happening on Dr. Phil June 19 2013.


Dr. Phil: Roger Enables His Daughter

How is this father enabling his daughter’s drug habit? Well, whenever Jordan ever got into trouble due to drugs, Roger was always there to bail her out. When Jordan landed herself in rehab for the second time, Roger let Jordan live with him instead of at a halfway house.

When Jordan began using drugs once again after getting out of rehab, Roger continued to give her money and pay her bills. When Jordan was arrested for using cocaine, Roger once again allowed her to live with him. Finally, in a grand display of poor parenting, Roger bought Jordan a penthouse apartment after her third stay i rehab, where she started using drugs again.

Dr. Phil: Jordan’s Drug Habit Is Her Fault

Even though Roger has gone as far as taking Jordan to purchase her drugs, Dr. Phil still makes sure that Jordan understands that her drug habit is something she brought upon herself. However, Dr. Phil still will be holding Roger accountable, telling him that he needs to get his head straight and that, if he continues to give Jordan money from this point forward, he might as well be putting the syringe in Jordan’s arm for her.


Do any of you guys have stories of a father enabling his daughter’s drug habit?


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