Dr Phil Family Divided Over Mom’s Bad Decisions When House Was On Fire


Dr Phil March 22 2013 Preview

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On Friday March 22 2013, Dr Phil talks to a mom with some serious issues. When a fire broke out at her home, she grabbed her friend’s baby. While this sounds like a natural reaction, the mother left her biological children in the home and ran for the hills. If that’s not messed up, I don’t know what is. Hopefully she has a good explanation for Dr Phil on March 22 2013.


Dr Phil: House On Fire

Dr Phil Family Divided Over Mom's Bad Decisions When House Was On Fire

On March 22 2013, Dr Phil is helping a family divided after their home was destroyed in a fire.

Jennifer’s house went up in flames and she grabbed the only child that wasn’t hers and ran. Her daughter Alyssa, 16, jumped from a second story window and broke her ankle. Her 12-year-old son ran back in to save her nine-year-old daughter. Jennifer claims the smoke was too thick to go back for her kids.

Jennifer’s sister, Suzanne, is now saying that Jennifer is an unfit mother. She is taking action to get custody of the three kids. Alyssa has a plea for her mom to put their family first.


Dr Phil: Jennifer’s Priorities

Suzanne also brings up the fact that Jennifer left Alyssa in the hospital when she had surgery. She says that Jennifer has too many people living in their home. She has Alyssa’s former best friend, Tori, and her daughter, Bella, living there as well.

After the fire, Jennifer, Tori and Bella lived together while she sent her biological children to her mother’s house. Suzanne says that Alyssa cries daily because she wants her mom. Jennifer calls her younger daughter provocative names and lets her wear skimpy clothing. Suzanne knows this isn’t right for a nine-year-old.

Dr Phil tells Jennifer that she has far too much on her plate. She needs to realign her priorities and put her children first.  He believes she is making bad decisions and her children are being affected.


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