Dr Phil: Ex-Cop Lover Tells Desperate Woman To Kill Her Husband


Dr Phil May 9 2013 Preview

Recapo Update: Here are the segments from today’s show:

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On May 9 2013, Dr Phil is tackling an issue that not many have experienced. In 2010, Leah held her estranged husband, Ed, at gun point. Her lover, a cop, told her to shoot Ed and end it all. Miraculously, Ed lived through the incident with shots in his throat and shoulder. On this episode, Dr Phil visits Leah in prison to find out if she really snapped, or if she’s just a murderous wife.


Dr Phil: Ex-Cop Lover Tells Desperate Woman To Kill Her Husband

On May 9 2013, Dr Phil talks to Leah, a desperate woman who was told by her ex-cop lover to shoot her husband, Ed. Leah is in jail, serving four years.

Leah Shoots Husband In the Throat & Shoulder

Leah and her husband, Ed, were in the middle of a nasty divorce. They had three children hanging in limbo and Leah was seeing another man. Her ex-cop lover, Mark, wanted her all to himself, or so it seemed.

During a particularly nasty fight, Leah pulled a gun on Ed. She tells Dr Phil on May 9 that she “snapped.” Dr Phil doesn’t buy this at all.


“I got a 200-page notebook on you and I can’t find where you snapped,” he tells Leah.

“When I had Ed at gun point, I called Mark. Mark said, ‘Shoot him,'” Leah remembers tearfully.

Leah Serving Four Years For Shooting Ed

Dr Phil asks Leah what made her pick up a gun and shoot her husband. She says that she felt trapped and hopeless, but did she really? Leah has been charged with two counts of second-degree felonious assault and one count of third-degree felony abduction. She is currently serving a four year sentence.

“It seems to me,” Dr Phil says. “That there were a lot of options short of shooting your husband in the face with a gun.”


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