Dr Phil: Dylan Redwine Investigation Part 2 & Dylan’s Brother Speaks


Dr Phil February 27 2013

On part two of the Dr. Phil investigation into the disappearance of Dylan Redwine, Dylan’s father Mark is taking a polygraph and Dylan’s brother is talking about where he thinks Dylan is. Dylan’s parents spent most of the February 26 episode arguing about what happened and their failed marriage. Can they move past it all and focus on Dylan? Will Dylan’s brother make things worse?

Dr Phil: Dylan Redwine Investigation Part 2 & Dylan's Brother Speaks

Part two of the Dylan Redwine investigation airs on February 27 2013.


In part two of the Dylan Redwine investigation, Dr. Phil talks to Mark and Dylan’s brother. Can they get closer to finding Dylan?

Dr Phil: Mark’s Polygraph

On February 26, Dylan’s parents spent the entire time arguing. Mark was the last person to see Dylan and Elaine, Dylan’s mom, thinks he took him. Mark thinks Elaine hired a team to abduct Dylan. Dylan has been missing for three months, but his parents haven’t talked in three years. They argued about the past and things that had nothing to do with Dylan.

February 27 2013 has Dr. Phil sitting down one-on-one with Dylan’s father. Will his story change? Mark has said that his ex-wife is the one who’s at fault, but without her there are things going to change? Dr Phil is offering Mark another shot at a polygraph from a respectable polygraph administer.


Dr Phil: Dylan’s Brother Speaks Out

Then, Dylan’s brother Corey comes to Dr. Phil to tell his father how he feels. He said in a preview that he doesn’t like his dad and he has been nothing of a father to him. He thinks that Mark has Dylan and he is blaming everything on Elaine as a cover up.

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    Where is that boy? I don’t think, his dad took him. He could have ran away from home. Unless the Polygraph Test says, otherwise!

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