Dr Phil: Dylan Redwine Goes Missing, Does His Father Know Where He Is?


Dr Phil February 26 2013 Preview

In November, 13-year-old Dylan Redwine went missing. In part one of this Dr Phil Investigates, Dr. Phil is talking to Dylan’s father, Mark, and his mother, Elaine.

Dr Phil: Disappearance Of Dylan Redwine

Dr Phil: Dylan Redwine Goes Missing, Does His Father Know Where He Is?

On February 26 2013, Dr Phil has part one of the Dylan Redwine mystery.


Dylan Redwine disappeared from his father’s home on November 19 2012. He was on a court-ordered visit with his father in Durango, Colorado. Mark and Elaine, Dylan’s parents, separated and haven’t spoken to each other in three years. Mark is telling Dr. Phil what he said to Dylan the last time he saw him.

What happened to 13-year-old Dylan Redwine? Why are his parents pointing fingers at each other? Dr. Phil begins a deep investigation into his disappearance on February 26 2013.

Dr Phil: Moving Past a Moment Of Crisis

If you are facing a moment of crisis, like Mark and Elaine, Dr. Phil has tips and advice on dealing with the feelings.

  • Rational regression is the feeling that something traumatic could happen again. It is a natural reaction to a traumatic event.
  • There is rational fear and irrational fear. Rational fear is the reaction to a real threat and the need to protect ourselves. Irrational fear is the feeling that comes when there is no threat. Irrational fear happens after an injury or traumatic event. Fears are a normal thing and go away when your body heals.
  • Don’t say “What if?” The traumatic thing happened and you got through it so if it happened again you would get through it again.
  • When you survive something, know that there is a reason. Survivor’s guilt is unnecessary. You can get over it by finding a purpose and living for that.
  • Never be afraid to reach out to others for help and guidance. Friends, family or mental health professionals can give you the support you need.


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