Dr Phil: Dealing With Your In-Laws & Picking The Right Fiancée


Dr Phil February 14 2013 Preview

In an all-new Dr. Phil, Gayle thinks her son’s fiancée is the wrong girl for him but she’s never met her in person. Hannah and Ryan come to the show in hopes of settling the drama with his mother and explaining their relationship.

Dr Phil: My Son Picked The Wrong Fiancée

Dr Phil: Dealing With Your In-Laws & Picking The Right Fiancée

On February 14 2013, Dr Phil is helping a mother make peace with her son’s fiancée.


Ryan was engaged before tot he mother of his child, but it just didn’t work out. His mother Gayle wants him to get back together with her, but he is now engaged to Hannah. Hannah and Gayle have never met but Gayle knows Hannah isn’t the right woman for her son. She believes Hannah is manipulative, immoral and disrespectful. Gayle thinks Ryan and Hannah are living in sin because Hannah used to date Ryan’s best friend.

Gayle and Hannah will meet for the first time and Ryan will see his mom for the first time in three years. Will they reconcile and find a common ground? Can Gayle move past this? Dr. Phil said he has a challenge for Gayle and Hannah.

Dr Phil: Dealing With Your In-Laws

Dr. Phil has tips on how to deal with in-laws that will bring peace to your life.

  • Your family is your number one priority. You need to focus on your energy on you and not divide your loyalties. 
  • Set up good boundaries with your in-laws. You have a right to say when they are and are not invited in your lives. It’s OK to tell your parents to step back.
  • If your in-laws start to drain you, you need to change the boundaries. You can put infinite energy into your in-laws because that leaves nothing for your family.
  • Your partner should handle their parents and you should handle yours. It’s not your partner’s job to manage your parents.
  • Don’t take your frustrations out on your partner. Criticizing their relationship with their parents can lead to complications in your own relationship.


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