Dr Phil: Deadbeat Mom vs. Overbearing Dad = Kids Caught In the Middle


Dr Phil March 7 2013 Preview

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On an all-new Dr. Phil, Jared is saying his ex-wife, Chandra, is a deadbeat mom. He’s compared her to Casey Anthony and Chandra claims he is emotionally abusive. With their kids caught in the middle, can these two put aside their differences for the health and safety of their children?


Dr Phil: Deadbeat Mom vs. Overbearing Dad = Kids Caught In the Middle

On March 7 2013, Dr Phil teaches two parents how to help their kids while going through a divorce.

Dr Phil: Deadbeat Mom?

Chandra’s ex-husband, Jared, is constantly berating her for being a horrible mother. He says she has not paid child support and is as bad of a mother as Casey Anthony. The couple divorced five years ago but Ryan is attacking Chandra and her new marriage. She says he is determined to ruin her life.

Ryan claims that he is fighting on their children’s behalf. Dr. Phil asks him how fighting is helping their children at all.


As Dr. Phil tries to get to the bottom of this he-said-she-said, Chandra’s new husband takes the stage to support her. They grip hands tightly and think they are battling an evil force together. Dr. Phil calls their eye rolling “infantile” and throws his hands up in disgust.

Dr Phil: Battling Through Divorce

While divorce is hard on everyone involved, the kids are the ones caught in the middle. Dr. Phil has written books about this and worked with many families going through rough family situations. In Family First, Dr. Phil tells parents to give their kids structure and routine. Make them feel safe in their home and give the acceptance that the kids crave for in a broken family.

The most important thing is to not make kids choose sides. It’s not their fault and they should know that. They have no control in the situation so it’s the parents job to let the kids be kids. The adult issues and kid issues should stay separate.


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