Dr. Phil: Cult Leader Curly Thorton Seduces A Mother, Abuses Daughter


Dr. Phil: June 4 2013

Recapo Update: Here are the segments from today’s show:

Dr. Phil: Cult Leader Curly Thornton Brainwashes And Abuses Followers

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Dr. Phil: Curly Thornton’s Son Speaks Out Against Cult Leader Father

Dr. Phil: Escaping Influence Of A Cult Leader & Accepting Forgiveness

Dr. Phil: Cult Leader Curly Thorton Seduces A Mother, Abuses Daughter

Curly Thorton, a cult leader, manipulated and abused his followers.


On Dr. Phil June 4 2013, we will get to bear witness to what is probably going to be a very awkward and embarrassing moment for one mother, Raylynn, who is going to talk about being drawn into Curly Thorton’s cult in the late ’80s. Curly Thorton was originally a politician, but soon became a sadistic cult leader that did a lot of harm to his followers, who believed he was the son of God. A story of seduction, abuse, and a broken youth, this story will most certainly be one worth checking out on June 4.

Dr. Phil: Raylynn Swept Up In Cult Leader’s Teachings

Raylynn first met Curly Thorton back in 1988 at a burger joint, because that’s exactly the first place Jesus Christ would go to when he touched back down for his second coming. Being a young, single mother to her daughter, Sunny, and in search of something, anything, to believe in, she was quickly swept up into his teachings. So swept up, in fact, that she gave up her job, car, and home to follow him. It wasn’t long before she had moved in with Curly.

“Being part of Curly’s religious group, I felt that I was one of the chosen people,” said Raylynn, who clearly didn’t think her through decision to join a church created by a former politician that she met at a burger joint. I mean, with those credentials, it really sounds like he was an honest guy.


Dr. Phil: Raylynn’s Daughter Was Abused By Curly Thorton

Raylynn wasn’t the only one who paid dearly for her mistake. Her daughter Sunny did, too. When Curly, who Raylynn was at this point referring to as Jesus, requested to see Sunny in a Las Vegas hotel room, where all saints cleanse their followers of sin, Raylynn dutifully hand-delivered Sunny to Curly, where she went through a life-altering experience that is still following her today.


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