Dr Phil: Clueless & Absentee Parents & How To Get Kids Through Divorce


Dr. Phil February 19 2013 Preview

On an all-new Dr. Phil, John said that he is a dead ringer for Jon Bon Jovi. What that has to do with the fact that his wife left him, you’ll have to tune in to find out. John is now raising his three sons on his own while his ex-wife, Laurie, is across the country with her boyfriend.

Dr Phil: Clueless & Absentee Parents & How To Get Kids Through Divorce

On February 18 2013, Dr Phil is getting kids through divorce and helping their parents get better.


Dr Phil: Clueless Dad Or Absentee Mom?

Although Laurie has custody of her three sons, she left them with her ex-husband John and moved 1,500 miles away with her boyfriend Joe. Their sons, Johnny, 14, and twins Christopher and Alexander, 12, are now disrespecting their father and giving him black eyes. Laurie says her kids are not happy living with their father, but also that she didn’t desert them. So who is at fault here: mother, father or the kids? No doubt Dr. Phil will have advice to make them all better, but we’ll have to tune in to Dr. Phil on February 19 to find out the diagnosis.

Dr Phil: Getting Kids Through Divorce

Dr. Phil knows what kids need when their parents are going through a divorce. Here are tips from his book Family First: Your Step-by-Step Plan for Creating a Phenomenal Family. 


Acceptance: It’s common for kids to look for approval when their family has been torn apart. They tend to blame themselves for the situation. It’s important for parents to let their kids know they are a priority and that they are important.

Assurance of Safety: Kids need the promise of protection in this fragile time. It’s good to create boundaries and routines.

Need for a Stable Parent Who Has the Strength to Conduct Business: Do everything possible to remain a strong, stable force in your children’s lives.

Let Kids Be Kids: You shouldn’t saddle your children with adult problems and issues. You should not put on them situations they cannot control. Also, do not ask them to deal with adult issues because they cannot understand them.


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