Dr Phil Casey Anthony Former Attorney Jose Baez & Witness John Bradley


Dr Phil February 15 2013 Preview

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On an all-new Dr. Phil, Casey Anthony’s former lawyer Jose Baez is speaking out about the trial that is still making news around the country. A year and a half after Anthony was found not guilty of the murder of her daughter, Baez has written a book about what the public didn’t know about the trial. Also, a prosecution witness, John Bradley, is speaking about his accused perjury.


Jose Baez Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony: The Inside Story 

Dr Phil Casey Anthony Former Attorney Jose Baez & Witness John Bradley

On February 15 2013, Dr. Phil has an exclusive interview with Casey Anthony’s defense attorney, Jose Baez.

Jose Baez was Casey Anthony’s defense attorney when she stood trial for the murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee. A year and a half after the trial and Anthony was found not guilty, Baez has written a book about what the public did not know was going on behind-the-scenes. Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony: The Inside Story will certainly make headlines and bring the case back to the forefront fo the country’s minds.

Baez will talk to Dr. Phil about Anthony and what happened during the trial. He knew her history of lying, so did he misdirect the jury to have the votes swing their way? Plus, what has happened since the trial? Rumors are that Anthony has declared bankruptcy and reconciled with her father. Does Baez still stand by his accusations of Anthony’s father? He also said he knows how little Caylee really died.


Dr Phil: John Bradley Speaks About Casey Anthony Trial

John Bradley testified for the prosecution in the trial of Casey Anthony. Baez accused Bradley of lying on the stand during trial. Bradley will admit to Dr. Phil the truth about the accusation when they men sit down in an exclusive interview.

If you followed the Casey Anthony trial, don’t miss this episode of Dr. Phil. New evidence and truth will be revealed!



  1. American Public says

    Sorry Doc, you’ve traded your soul, and beautiful family to the DEVIL for ratings and money…as you would say “hows that working for you”? You’ve lost the majority of viewers in Florida and many other states in America…I hope your ratings were worth it! Read the Social Media comments, we DO MATTER and we are wiping out programs like yours…tv is NOTHING anymore, all of you superficial dolts are going down the tubes! America is’nt putting up with crap anymore! BTW, you are comitting career suicide by giving the stage and thousands of dollars to the Scamthonys and now Bozo Baez….you know damn well they are all lying and that psychopath CASEY ANTHONY killed lil’ Caylee…remember that when you kiss your grandchildren, because they will hear about it in their life time…what are you going to say to them? Your $600,000 donation to the Anthony’s FRAUDATION HELPED WHO? If you want ratings…?…tell America where ALL THAT money went to and who it really helped. Pfffft, you are as sick as they are, and in the islands where I live you are pond scum…definately not allowed in our homes! Good luck Robyn, you are married to a me me me egomaniac lier, narc/psychopath. JMHO.

    • says

      I don’t believe that swimming pool story for a second! If Caylee really did drown on accident. Then, why not just call 9-11! Why, hide it! Casey’s father George wasn’t there. When, it happened. He wouldn’t be able to keep a secret like that from his wife, Cindy! The whole family’s crazy! Casey killed Caylee! That’s why, she didn’t call 9-11!

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