Dr Phil: Callie Explosively Snaps At Overbearing, Controlling Parents


Dr Phil April 26 2013 Preview

Recapo update: Here’s what you missed on this episode of Dr Phil.

On April 26 2013, Clint and Tracy tell Dr Phil that they live in fear of their 17-year-old daughter. They say that Callie has a tendency to become abusive when she doesn’t get her way. The show Dr Phil a shocking video that proves that Callie is the problem. Callie sings a different song about her parents that is hard to believe after that video.


Living In Fear Of Your Child

Dr Phil: Callie Explosively Snaps At Overbearing, Controlling Parents

On April 26 2013, Dr Phil finds out what makes Callie explosively snap. Is it her or her overbearing and controlling parents?

Clint and Tracy are afraid of their daughter, Callie. She will snap without notice and become verbally and physically abusive. They bring Dr Phil a terrifying video of what happens when Callie gets angry. It’s like the Incredible Hulk of teen girls, without turning green.

Callie’s parents say that she has been using drugs and sneaking out of the house. She’s meeting up with strange men and being generally unsafe. In the video, Callie screams, throws things and beats people down. She is more than she appears.


Why Does Callie Snap & Become Abusive?

Callie tells Dr Phil that she is a happy teenager. If there are problems, it’s because her parents are too controlling and overbearing. Callie says that her parents are too overprotective of her. This is hard to believe after seeing footage from their disagreements.

Dr Phil tells this family what he thinks on April 26 2013. He tries to help this family come to a middle ground and bring peace to their home. But when the show ends, Callie and her family head backstage and the family explodes. Dr Phil hints that this explosion is something you will never see coming. Will Callie’s true colors flow like a double rainbow, or are her parents the hovering monsters she claims?



  1. says

    I couldn’t believe what I saw. One of the very first lessons I told my child is never to walk with a stranger and the parents allowed to muscle men to drag her off to an unknown dangerous adventure. And dangerous wilderness programs are. Two teenagers have died while they attended SUWS. A lot of teenagers have died while they were part of a wilderness program in the United States.

    It was a sick show. The girl had no real problems. It looked like the show was made for his sponsors only to they could get more referrals for their programs.

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