Dr Phil: Attachment Parenting & How Old Is Too Old To Breastfeed?


Dr Phil March 29 2013 Preview

On March 29 2013, Dr Phil talks to parents and grandparents that have strange methods of caring for their kids. Kathy is a fan of attachment parenting and still breastfeeds her four-year-old son. Joann is a helicopter grandma that breaks into her daughter’s home to check on her children. Then, Lavaniel posted a video making fun of his son on Facebook and YouTube. Are these healthy ways to care for your kids?

Dr Phil: Attachment Parenting & How Old Is Too Old To Breastfeed?

On March 29 2013, Dr Phil has a panel on controversial parenting techniques, like attachment parenting.


Dr Phil: Kathy’s Attachment Parenting

Kathy practices attachment parenting. She calls cribs “cages” and lets her two children sleep with her and her husband. She still breastfeeds her four-year-old and said she would stop when he stops asking. Dr Phil has assembled a panel to weigh in on this controversial parenting tactic. Only one person, Dr. Jim Sears from The Doctors, says that this is a good parenting model.

Kathy could be sheltering her children. They may not develop proper separation and may become dependent on Kathy.

Dr Phil: Joann Helicopter Grandma

Joann can’t resist breaking into her daughter’s home and checking in on her children. She shows Dr Phil just how she gets into her 39-year-old’s home. Her daughter would love some space from her mother, but Joann says she refuses to stop. Dr Phil asks if he can say anything to get her to stop and she says no.


Dr Phil: Lanvaniel Humiliation Punishments

When his son bought a pair of skinny jeans, Lavaniel decided to videotape him verbally lashing out at his clothing choices. He believed that Lavaniel Jr. would stop wearing the jeans if he made fun of them. He posted the video on Facebook and YouTube. Some users thought he was abusing his son, while other commented that he deserved Parent of the Year.

Dr Phil tells these parents just what he thinks about their questionable tactics on March 29 2013.


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