Dr Phil: 30-Year-Old In an Intimate Relationship With 17-Year-Old Boy


Dr Phil March 14 2013 Preview

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On March 14 2013, Dr Phil is facing a difficult case. Melissa is the 30-year-old mother of four and her fiancé, T.J., is about to turn 18. She has been charged with unlawful activity with minors. T.J. and Melissa have a four-month-old daughter and Melissa doesn’t consider this relationship a crime. T.J. wants to marry Melissa on his upcoming birthday, but she is facing 15 years in prison.


Dr Phil: 30-Year-Old In an Intimate Relationship With 17-Year-Old Boy

On March 14 2013, Dr Phil tries to help 30-year-old Melissa, who is in an intimate relationship with a 17-year-old boy.

Dr Phil: Illegally In Love

Melissa and T.J. believe that love is love and age is just a number. They met two years ago on Facebook and T.J. told her he was 18. It soon came out that he was just a young teen but they formed a connection. They had a baby together and now they want to get married.

They never would have gotten caught, but after a fight T.J. turned her in to the police. His father and stepmother tell their side of the story on March 14 2013. It’s different from Melissa’s, but they do want to help her. Dr Phil explains that T.J. doesn’t have the ability to give consent because of his age.


T.J. admits that the pregnancy was all his idea. He has a plan to provide for the family, either through modeling or the military.

Dr Phil: Melissa In Trouble

Things are not looking good for Melissa. She is stuck on playing the victim and admits that she knew what she was doing. She can’t change the facts but she doesn’t want to be considered a predator. She said they did not plan to have any intimate relations.

Melissa complains that she is under a lot of pressure and feels like the victim in this situation. Dr. Phil makes it clear that she is not a victim, but the perpetrator. He ignores her sob story and sides with T.J.’s family. If she wants to stay out of jail, she will need Dr. Phil’s advice.


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