Dr Phil: 19-Year-Old Mistress Breaks Up Family With 10 Kids


Recapo Update: The articles for this episode are now online. Take a look at each segment below.

Dr Phil: Repairing Broken Family Of Ten Kids & Scott & Melinda Divorce


Dr Phil: Siblings Argue & Does Melinda Contribute Or Contaminate?

Dr Phil: Did Scott & Ashley Have An Affair & Is Ashley Pregnant?

Dr Phil April 22 2013

Are you ready for an all new, explosive episode of Dr Phil? The Monday, April 22 2013 show features a story about a large family with 10 kids that is out of control. Learn how one affair turned all their lives upside down.


Dr Phil: Family With 10 Kids & Big Families

Dr Phil: 19-Year-Old Mistress Breaks Up Family With 10 Kids

On April 22 2013, Dr Phil will talk to the members of a large family. The family with 10 kids was torn apart when the father left with his young girlfriend.

After fathering a total of 10 children, one man decided he had had enough. It was time for him to walk away from his family and start a new life. I think the first thing that’s hard to grapple with is how large the family was. A few generations ago, big broods of siblings were the norm, especially in rural or farming areas.

But more recently, family sizes have gotten smaller. When parents do decide to have children in the double digits, they are more than likely to be offered their own reality TV franchise. But I guess this family is finally getting its moment in the spotlight, on Dr Phil’s April 22 show.

Dr Phil: 19-Year-Old Mistress

Those 10 kids and their mother were left behind when this man embarked on a new life with his 19-year-old girlfriend. How has that changed things for the family he left behind?

His ex said that she wants him to die. The siblings are now at war with one another and their perfect existence has been shattered.

For the first time in five years, Dr Phil is bringing these exes back together on his show. The oldest of their children said the strained relationship has torn the foundation out from under them. Will they be able to repair it?

I don’t know, but what I can say is there is another bombshell to be dropped: the family will learn that their father’s young girlfriend is pregnant herself and he is starting a new family.

Sparks will fly on a new Dr Phil, April 22 2013.



  1. Elizabeth says

    Another mid life crisis….amazing…nothing really surprises me anymore….but this takes the cake…where are the brains of these people???
    And the 10 children will have to carry this around with them..the laughs, the whispers, the teasing..the wife and mom of these children..well my heart goes out to her and he should be so ashamed of him self…wants to get away from it all and then gets the girlfriend pregnant…nothing more to say about this…except SHAME ON HIM AND THE 19 YEAR OLD…no brains in her head either…wonder what her parents think….

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