Roland Martin Fears Stand Your Ground Law Use in George Zimmerman Case


Dr Phil: George Zimmerman Trial

Roland Martin Fears Stand Your Ground Law Use in George Zimmerman Case

Journalist Roland Martin said that laws like the Stand Your Ground law need to be reviewed, while Mark Eiglarsh said that the law should stand. (RoidRanger /

In the wake of the George Zimmerman trial on the death of Trayvon Martin, Dr Phil brought in two qualified men to debate on the legitimacy of the jury and the case. Defense Attorney Mark Eiglarsh and News One Now‘s Roland Martin talked about the jury and their findings.


George Zimmerman’s best friend said in a previous interview that Zimmerman is a peaceful person and a nice guy. He doesn’t believe that Zimmerman is a racist. He does have previous incidents on his record of fighting.

Dr Phil: George Zimmerman Jury

Dr Phil said that George Zimmerman shouldn’t have been doing what he did. He shouldn’t have followed Trayvon, shouldn’t have engaged with him, and shouldn’t have been carrying a firearm on a neighborhood watch. Dr Phil wonders if the prosecution blew this case by not presenting these facts clearly.

Eiglarsh didn’t think so. Roland Martin laughed and said absolutely they blew it! Eiglarsh said the prosecution did the best they could with what they had. He said that in Florida, the Gibbs case makes it legal to follow someone and engage them verbally. Crossing the line is using force or threatening to use force. After that, you lose the self-defense protection.


Roland Martin said there needs to be a change in the laws. He doesn’t want to see anyone doing this to anyone else. Eiglarsh said that if it were him, he would be uncontrollably angry. He commended the Martin family for their poise and strength, but said that lowering the burden of proof in this case can have everyone suffering.

Dr Phil agreed. He said there are limitations to the jury and rules of what they need to be doing. He said that since we don’t know their rules and restrictions, we can’t blame them.

Dr Phil: Stand Your Ground Law

George Zimmerman was judged by a jury of six women. The judge told the jury that the Stand Your Ground law makes it acceptable to use deadly force if you are being attacked and your life is in jeopardy. Every state, except for Ohio, has a Stand Your Ground law. Eiglarsh said that Stand Your Ground was not used in this case.

Roland Martin said that this is a problem. “My greatest fear, Dr Phil, is that we are essentially telling black parents, you need to send your kids out wearing tuxedos and bow ties because somebody else will look at them and make a judgement of them without even knowing them, without them even doing anything.”

He went on to say, “And black parents right now are saying, ‘My God, I can’t even send my kid down the street for some Skittles and ice tea because somebody may end up killing them.‘”


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