Dr Phil: Who Is Dylan the Catfish & Is Victoria Stalking Daniel Online


Miss Teen Utah Contestant Catfished By Dylan

Dylan stole Daniel’s photos to date women online. He tricked Kourtney Compton, a Miss Teen Utah contestant, but she luckily didn’t act on his demands. She contacted Ron who said he would fix things for Kourtney.

Dr Phil: Who Is Dylan the Catfish & Is Victoria Stalking Daniel Online

Dr Phil tried to find out if Daniel is really Dylan the catfish. Victoria’s knowledge of Daniel and her stalking practices scared Dr Phil.


Ron the Internet Consultant Goes After Catfish

Ron was an internet security consultant who found out about the Dylan catfish. He attempted to contact Daniel, who was the real person in the photos. Daniel had the profiles taken down, but Ron kept contacting him. Ron told Daniel that if he didn’t do something and contact him he would regret it. Daniel found out that Ron had a lot of his personal information and was concerned. He blocked Ron from anything he could and hoped he would go away.

Ron the Internet Consultant Stalks Daniel

Then, Ron began contacting Daniel’s real girlfriend. She became concerned and they feared for their lives. Ron even had photos of Daniel and his nieces and nephews. That was the last creepy straw.

Ron called Daniel’s girlfriend and she was very upset. Daniel called Ron and told him to leave them alone. After Daniel threaten Ron, Ron threatened Daniel. Daniel’s girlfriend wanted to tell her side, but they both agreed that she should stay out of it for her own safety.


Who Is Dylan the Catfish?

Daniel told Dr Phil that he is not the one behind the profiles. One of the theories is that he is Dylan, but he denies it. Daniel believes that Ron could be Dylan. Kourtney said that when she contacted Ron, Ron began harassing Dylan.

The ties between Dylan and Daniel are a little too similar. I’m still not convinced that they are different people.

Victoria Dated Dylan & Contacted Ron

Victoria met Dylan on a dating website. She wanted to talk to him in person or on the phone, but he stopped the topic. The red flags were everywhere. Dylan said he bought a lot of fancy cars, which was strange for a 28-year-old. Victoria contacted Ron, who she met through an online dating site and he checked out Dylan/Daniel. He thought that they were one in the same.

She then contacted Kourtney. Victoria found Kourtney on various sites and knew that she was in contact with Dylan. Victoria knew she had to act before Kourtney moved out to Los Angeles.

Was Victoria Stalking Daniel?

Victoria contacted Daniel, who then asked what the profile was so he could have it taken down. An hour later the profile was gone from Facebook. She didn’t think that Facebook would act that quickly after reporting something. A few days later, “Dylan” was back up, but a little bit different.

When the second profile went up, she went back to Daniel. Daniel blocked her and she knew they had to be the same. She thinks that Dylan is Daniel’s profile he uses to cheat on his girlfriend. Both profiles use the same last name, so when you search Dylan’s name, Daniel comes up.

The crazy isn’t just in Dylan, Victoria is a little bit of a creeper. She called Daniel’s sister and impersonated a nurse to get medical information. Okay, she’s a big creeper. She said that both of the men love quotes and she was able to describe body parts on Daniel. Daniel’s girlfriend was able to deny the descriptions.


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