Dr Phil: Where Is Dylan Redwine? & Mark Failed First Polygraph Test


Dr Phil: Where Is Dylan Redwine?

Dr. Phil has been trying to get Dylan Redwine’s parents to talk about his disappearance, but they keep going back to their petty fighting and accusations. His number one goal in this two-part episode has been to find information about where Dylan could be. The end of part one gave us little information as to where he could be.

Dr Phil: Where Is Dylan Redwine? & Mark Failed First Polygraph Test

Dylan could have walked to a friend’s house, but it is looking unlikely.


Dr Phil: Did Mark Lose Dylan?

The day that Dylan disappeared, Mark did not call his ex-wife Elaine. He said he knew her reaction would be bad and it was easier to send a text. Elaine said she tried to call Mark, but Mark said that is a lie. He said she accused him immediately.

Further proving this, Elaine leaned over and said angrily, “You lost him.”

Dr Phil: Mark’s Cabin

The area where Dylan was last seen was an isolated cabin. He was 5.9 miles from his closest friend’s house. His father thinks that this is close enough for him to walk.


Mark left at 7:30 a.m. and was back by 11:30 a.m. It’s a long walk for Dylan, but not impossible. There were multiple places he could have gone. There were rock walls, a fishing spot and a bridge where he has met friends before.

Dr Phil: Mark’s Polygraph Test

Mark and Elaine took lie detector tests about what they knew about Dylan’s disappearance. Elaine said that Mark’s test was inconclusive, but Mark said those details were never given to anyone but him. He admitted that he failed the test, but then the police said it was inconclusive. The polygraph administer was unqualified or inexperienced.

Dr. Phil offered Mark a new polygraph test. We’ll find out tomorrow if he accepts the polygraph and follows through. Dr. Phil’s number one goal is to figure out where Dylan might be.


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