Dr Phil: Vincent’s Drunk Behavior & Lee County Sheriff’s Statement


Dr Phil: Violent Girlfriend Attacks

Vincent said that he was attacked by his girlfriend Amanda after just two weeks of dating. She was under the influence of drugs and alcohol and tried to kill herself. He was able to restrain her, but she stabbed him twice. She was exonerated with Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, but Vincent said it was not self-defense.

Dr Phil: Amanda’s Previous Violations

Vincent said that he would have let this go if Amanda had just gone away. He said that she has badgered him and kept going after him since she was exonerated. Amanda had also attacked her ex-boyfriend with a knife and chased him around his home. Then she tried to kill her twin sister in her car.


Dr Phil: Vincent's Drunk Behavior & Lee County Sheriff's Statement

Dr Phil’s driver said that Vincent has a drinking problem and that he arrived at LAX very drunk. He made lude comments about Dr Phil’s wife, Robin.

Dr Phil: Amanda Suing Vincent

Janese said that the evidence proves that this was a self-defense case. Amanda is suing Vincent and the detectives that worked on the investigation. She doesn’t believe that they did their proper job when looking into the case.

Dr Phil: Vincent’s Drunken Behavior

Adding to the case against Vincent, Dr Phil’s driver Alex said that he picked up a very drunk Vincent at LAX. The driver said Vincent was falling over drunk and was bleeding. Once in the car, Vincent told the driver that he was going to hit on Dr Phil’s wife whether he liked it or not. Vincent was said to have made gross comments about Robin and said he hoped to get with some women while in town.


Vincent said that was taken out of context. He said that Robin was the most beautiful woman on television and that he wanted to meet her. He said that he never spoke of meeting women for money in L.A. The driver got on the phone and verified to Dr Phil that Vincent was a drunken mess.

Dr Phil: Lee County Sheriff’s Office Statement

The sheriff’s office said that the evidence proved Vincent’s story was true. He never deviated from his story, while Amanda was incoherent and couldn’t stick to one story. She was clearly under the effect of drugs and alcohol and chose not to provide a statement to the investigator.


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