Dr Phil: V. Stiviano Welder’s Mask Visor, Paparazzi & Birth Name


Dr Phil: V. Stiviano Visor

Dr Phil asked if V. Stiviano was in love with Donald Sterling, her former boss and the owner of the LA Clippers, who is caught up in a racism scandal she is partly responsible for setting in motion. She said he is loveable, but she thinks of him like a father, brother, or best friend. Dr Phil wondered whether she would take his calls, but she said that she is hurt and has not accepted his calls. Plus, what was up with the welder’s mask?

Barbara Walters interviewed Stiviano recently, and she asked V. why she was wearing a visor. Her reason at the time was “to hide the pain.” She said that was true, but she also wore the visor to protect herself from UV rays after a procedure she had.


Dr Phil: V. Stiviano Welder’s Mask

Dr Phil: V. Stiviano Welder's Mask Visor, Paparazzi & Birth Name

Dr Phil pressed V. Stiviano about being seen around LA wearing a visor or welder’s mask that was often coordinated to her outfit. Did she want attention? (My best art / Shutterstock.com)

Dr Phil questioned her story, because there is footage of her roller skating and wearing a “color-coordinated welder’s mask” for the paparazzi. He suggested that she was trying to get attention. “We all have different ways of coping,” she said, in a serious manner. This woman is a real piece of work. “You tell me. What would have been better?” Stiviano asked Dr Phil.


As for the photograph of her wearing a visor while riding a mechanical bull, she said she was making light of the situation while celebrating Cinco De Mayo with her friends.

Dr Phil: V. Stiviano Paparazzi

Dr Phil asked whether she enjoyed the attention, and she said yes. “I get to experience firsthand what it is to be a celebrity in LA,” she said. “I have to think about what I’m going to wear, how I’m going to do my hair.”

What about the time that she told the paparazzi she wanted to be the president? “Is it wrong for me to want something a little bit more than just attention?” V. Stiviano asked with an ear-to-ear grin.

Dr Phil: V. Stiviano Racist?

In one of the recordings, Donald Sterling called Stiviano a racist, who bleached her skin to change her identity. Dr Phil asked if that was true, and V. said it was made up. “He’s trying to take the negative attention he’s been getting and redirect it,” she said. “Right now, I am his punching bag.”

I don’t think we’re getting the whole truth out of her, but she definitely seems very composed and in control of her own fate, which is more than we can say for past scandal inducers, like Monica Lewinsky.

Dr Phil: V. Stiviano Birth Name

V. Stiviano is not this woman’s birth name, as Dr Phil revealed. She was born Maria Vanessa Perez. She has gone by a variety of names, and has used aliases when she was arrested for shoplifting. “I didn’t think it was going to come out 10 years later,” she said. She said that it was hard to be biracial in Los Angeles. “I gave myself a name that made me happy,” she said.

Dr Phil showed her graduation picture, and wondered what she might not have liked about herself. “I love her now. She is me and I am her,” she said, recalling that she had baby fat.

If she could change anything, she said she would not have befriended the woman whom she believes released the tape that Stiviano shared with her. “Now I’m dealing with the consequences of my actions,” she said.


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