Dr Phil: Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Leaked Video & Adult Home Movie


Dr Phil: Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham became a reality TV star in the MTV shows 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, and made headlines for calling the police on her mother. The story of her baby’s father’s sudden death is also well known. Though Farrah is no longer a reality star, she remains a tabloid fixture.

Dr Phil: Farrah Abraham Adult Movie

Dr Phil: Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Leaked Video & Adult Home Movie

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham told Dr Phil that she did make an adult home movie with actor James Deen, but that it was for her own private use.


Farrah agreed to appear on Dr Phil to look back on her life and career. She wanted to be an example for how teens can navigate a difficult situation. She said that being a reality star taught her how to be a successful businesswoman.

Abraham has been confronted by paparazzi about a rumored adult video she appeared in. She admitted that she made a personal video, which does not show a male co-star’s face. She claimed she did it to show off her feminine side.

Farrah said that she wanted the memento of her youthful body. Her father and mother are not pleased about this latest move, which they feel shows bad judgement.


Dr Phil: Farrah Abraham Home Movie

She basically said that she would consider the financial benefit to her of releasing the tape, and that she would not leak it for free. Farrah’s mother hoped that she did not set out to cash in by making this video.

Abraham said she did not want to pursue a career in adult films. Dr Phil’s first question verified the existence of a tape, which she never meant to get out. She said she has an attorney handling the matter.

Farrah said she did not think there was anything wrong with making a racy video for her own personal use. She gave Dr Phil tips on making his own home movie: “try to keep it private and just put it away.”

Dr Phil: Farrah Abraham & James Deen

Farrah’s “friend” Brian, better known as adult film star James Deen, was the co-star of her amateur movie. She said she never knew the word had gotten out until paparazzi asked her about it, which is why she initially denied its existence.

Then she read comments from James Deen, who was inserting himself into her story. She thought he was making assumptions and also trying to promote his own career. “I just think it’s very disrespectful how he has been talking about me,” she said.

Dr Phil questioned the YouTube generation’s impulse to get everything on video. For Farrah, she is now 21 and wanted the opportunity to remember getting her body back and re-entering the modeling world.

Dr Phil: Farrah Abraham Leaked Video?

Phil did not understand why she needed to involve someone else in her home video. She said that she wanted the self-esteem and ego boost of having someone compliment her. If that’s true, this sounds like an extremely narcissistic video.

Farrah said she also took a series of modeling photos to commemorate her new look. She said that she got in touch with an adult film star because she thought he would be discreet.

Dr Phil: Farrah Abraham TMZ

“I shouldn’t have had worries like this,” she said. Dr Phil wondered how you would get in touch with someone in that line of work. “I don’t know how those things work,” she said, but suggested that she used a third party company to facilitate the introduction.

There are a lot of holes in this story so far. In another confrontation with TMZ, Farrah explained that she chose a professional like James Deen out of concern for her privacy, which obviously did not work out the way she wanted.

Farrah is concerned that the third party company who produced the tape for her “personal use” made a duplicate copy that is out there floating around. What do you think?


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