Dr Phil: Stand Your Ground Law & Amanda Stabbed Vincent Self-Defense?


Dr Phil: Amanda Attacked Vincent

Amanda and Vincent had been dating for just two weeks when they had a physical fight. Vincent was stabbed in the back and leg and there are discrepancies about what really went down.

Dr Phil: Stand Your Ground Law & Amanda Stabbed Vincent Self-Defense?

Vincent claims that Amanda stabbed him in a drunken and drug-induced rage, Amanda says it was self-defense. She was exonerated thanks to the Stand Your Ground law.


Dr Phil: Amanda’s Story

Amanda said that she went back to Vincent’s house after a night out. After being there for a while he pulled out his gun and threatened to kill her. She got a knife and stabbed him in self-defense.

Dr Phil: Vincent’s Story

Vincent said that he and Amanda had been having a night of drinking. Amanda then mixed her anxiety/depression medication with the alcohol. Vincent had to carry her home and put her in his bed. She woke up 20 minutes later and her personality had changed.

His story was that Amanda crashed head first into his wine rack. He told her to get dressed and go home, but she went for his gun and threatened to kill herself. He got her away from the gun and she ran to get a knife. She came in with the knife in the air and went to stab Vincent. He was stabbed in the back and the thigh.


When the police arrived, Amanda ran out and said that he was going to shoot her. After a frisking, the police saw Vincent didn’t have a gun and arrested Amanda.

Dr Phil: Amanda’s Stand Your Ground Case

Janese, Amanda’s attorney, came in Amanda’s place. She said that Amanda is afraid of Vincent and didn’t want to be in the same room as him. It was clear in the case that Amanda stabbed Vincent, so her defense team focused on why. Amanda claimed in court that Vincent held her at gunpoint. Several other women have said that Vincent held them at gunpoint and he has restraining orders against him.

Amanda was exonerated with the Stand Your Ground law, which said the attack was in self-defense. Vincent thinks that it was all Amanda’s doing and it wasn’t self-defense. Her attitude changed after several drinks.


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