Dr Phil: Sherrie Daly’s Custody Battle & Did Sherrie Stab John Daly?


Dr Phil: Sherrie Daly’s Custody Battle & Divorce

Sherrie Daly was married to John Daly, the self-proclaimed bad boy of golf. She met him and they got married a little over a month later. Their marriage was rocky and she said he was cheating on her six months into their marriage. They divorced when she caught him traveling with another woman on his bus. The couple has a nine-year-old son and they are currently in a nasty custody battle over him.

Sherrie hasn’t seen her son in three months. She’s come to Dr Phil in hopes of setting the record straight about the media’s perceptions of her as a wife and mom.


Dr Phil: Sherrie Daly's Custody Battle & Did Sherrie Stab John Daly?

Sherrie Daly’s custody battle and divorce have been widely talked about in the media. She came to Dr. Phil to set the record straight. (mooinblack / Shutterstock.com)

Dr Phil: Problems With John Daly

In their marriage, Sherrie said there were three days out of seven years that they were horribly abusive to each other. The other days where either “heaven or hell” and there was never an in between. The day she realized she couldn’t be married to him anymore, he peed on a wall because he hated the color. Sherrie would regularly find John at bars, drinking heavily and taking shots that other people bought him.


She said that John is more capable of filing paperwork than she is. She has other children to take care of and is not good with paperwork.

Dr Phil: Sherrie Daly In the Media

The media has taken Sherrie and gone wild with her story, she said. She was in jail for five months for failing to file a federal transaction and John has used her lawsuits against her. Sherrie said the court has wrongly accused her of not taking her son to speech therapy and harassing another woman through text messages. She admits to sending about 20 hateful texts, but they were going back and forth in an argument.

Dr Phil: Accused Of Stabbing John Daly

In 2007, Sherrie was accused by her husband of stabbing and scratching him with a steak knife. She said she never touched him with a knife or assaulted him. The day that this happened she had told John she was done. She believes that he did it to himself so that it would ruin her.

She did admit to ruining his new carpet. She cooked dinner for his 15 friends and he never showed up. He was gone for days and never called, a normal thing for him to do. She took the spaghetti to his new carpet and destroyed it. She made the scene look crazy and planned to ruin his jersey collection too. John came home in time to stop her.


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