Dr Phil: Shawna Shot By Jerrie Jones & Confronting Fear 21 Years Later


Dr Phil: Confronting the Woman That Shot Me

Dr Phil: Shawna Shot By Jerrie Jones & Confronting Fear 21 Years Later

Shawna was 17 when she was shot by Jerrie Jones, 14. Jerrie was allowed to hide her face during the trial, but Shawna was horribly disfigured.

Shawna was 17 when she started working at Ken’s Grocery Store. She was working with her high school sweetheart, Bob, when two teenage girls came in to rob the store. They held the cashiers at gunpoint and Jerrie, 14, demanded all of the money in Shawna’s register.


Shawna Shot By Jerrie Jones

Jerrie shot her with a sawed-off shotgun and took off most of Shawna’s face. Shawna lost her chin, her bottom teeth and fractured the top of her jaw. She was lucky to survive the blast.

“The only way I could describe it was my face was melting,” Shawna said. “I felt like my face was on the sun.”

Bob and Shawna’s mother thought that Shawna’s young life was over. Shawna remembered all of the blood and bone matter on the floor. She thought that if she went to sleep she wouldn’t wake up.


Was Jerrie Jones Used By Mark Strickland?

Mark Strickland was arrested for organizing the robbery and teaching the girls how to rob the store. Jerrie Jones and her female accomplice were given six year sentences for the robbery and attacking Shawna.

Because Jerrie was a minor she was allowed to hide her face during the trial. This is what kills Shawna the most. She cannot hide now and could not hide then. She is ridiculed in public and has had over 100 surgeries since the shooting. Shawna said that she is serving a life sentence because of what Jerrie Jones did to her.

Jones’ father was in the courtroom during the trial. He blamed Shawna for working that night and said she shouldn’t be showing her face in court because this wasn’t about her. Shawna and her mother know that Jerrie is not remorseful about what happened.

Shawna’s Life Post-Trauma & 100 Surgeries

The hardest part is waking up in the morning. She feels good and then remembers what she looks like. She has to pick up her kids a mile from the store where she was shot and has panic attacks just driving that close. She has been called a “monster” and a “Cabbage Patch Doll.” She knows that it’s human nature to stare, but this just makes her relive the ordeal again.

She didn’t get to go to prom or college because of what has happened. She has nightmares every night. Her dreams were taken from her when Jerrie Jones shot her.


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