Dr Phil: Shawna Confronts Jerrie Jones & Learns to Forgive Attacker


Dr Phil: Shawna Confronts Her Attacker 21 Years Later

Dr Phil told Shawna that she should talk to Jerrie Jones, the woman that shot her when they were teens. They had never come face to face and Jerrie wanted to apologize and set the record straight. Shawna has had nightmares about this woman her entire life, coming to kill her in cold blood.

Dr Phil: Shawna Confronts Jerrie Jones & Learns to Forgive Attacker

Shawna confronted her attacker, Jerrie Jones, 21 years after being shot in the face. She was able to face her fear and forgive Jerrie.


Jerrie and Shawna had a chance to tell their sides. Jerrie Jones said she was a victim just as much as Shawna. Shawna thinks what happened is unfair.

Consequences Of Jerrie Jones Shooting Shawna

Shawna told Jerrie Jones that she is constantly stared at. She can’t take care of her children. Shawna’s children are told that their mother is ugly. She said her whole life is doctor’s appointments and she still is not done.

Although Jerrie doesn’t remember putting the gun to Shawna’s face, the doctors have told her otherwise. Since the gun was loaded with buckshot, if the gun had been farther back from her face it would have taken her head off.


Shawna Confronts Jerrie Jones 21 Years Later

Shawna said that what bothers her the most is that she has to walk around with this face everyday. Jerrie Jones doesn’t have to get funny looks or stares or told that she is ugly. Jerrie apologized and said that she wanted to come on the show so that everyone would know. She thanked God that he saved her and Shawna.

Shawna forgave Jerrie for what happened. She said she didn’t want to be afraid of her anymore. She doesn’t want to see her in her nightmares with a gun. Shawna wants to be free and to be able to live her life.



  1. el guapo says

    she should have stuck a shotgun in the b—-es face and made her own justice.All the worst criminals always fall back on the “I found Jesus” card

  2. Charles DeFilippo says

    After watching Dr. Phil, I found absolutely nothing remorseful about Jerry Jones. She is a disgusting person. Either 14, 24, or 34, you take full responsibility for your actions, especially, when you so adversely effect another’s life for life. First of all, where has Jerry Jones been for the past 21-years? Why hasn’t she tried to contact Shawna? Why has she not tried to help Shawna financially? She knew the damage that she did to Shawna and she knew that Shawna would have ongoing medical and mental health care. I see that what she did to Shawna did not stop her from partaking in extra curricular activity and popping out 4-kids, did it? Clearly she got on with her life. How about this Jerry, maybe you should have put your life on hold and tried to help Shawna for the past 21-years! Secondly, for her to say that she was a victim is an insult to Shawna and all real God fearing people. In her warped mind yes, she is a victim. For her to look for things that Shawna said on Dr. Phil and then criticize her, further shows her Ghetto side. Next, When she said that she shot Shawna and then placed emphasis on the statement that she did not call Shawna a “B—-” as though that would be worse in Gods eyes than the shooting showed her continued lack of reasoning. Jerry Jones obviously went on the show to heal her own heart, not to heal Shawna’s heart. I guarantee you that if it were possible for Jerry Jones to trade places with Shawna right now, she would not. In my eyes, Jerry Jones is the ugly person, not Shawna! In fact, Jerry Jones is difficult to look at. Karma is a bad thing Jerry Jones. God has a way of starting judgment early in the game.

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