Dr Phil: Search For Dylan Redwine, Parents Problems Overshadow Dylan


Dr Phil: Search For Dylan Redwine

Dylan Redwine has been missing for three months. His family has been searching for him in and out of state and the investigation is ongoing. The police gave Dr. Phil a statement saying that there are currently no suspects or a person of interest. Neither of his parents are under investigation for his disappearance, but they are doing a good job of pointing fingers at each other.

Dr Phil: Where Is Dylan Redwine?

Mark doesn’t think there are a lot of possibilities as to where Dylan could be right now. He believes Dylan was either taken by someone he knows or abducted on his way to a friend’s house. There is no evidence that Elaine took Dylan, but Mark said he wouldn’t put it past her.


He said that Elaine has connections with “criminal types” and a history of alcohol abuse. He thinks that she had a team of people in Durango, Colorado that helped her take Dylan from Mark. There is no way of proving it, but he thinks it’s a possibility.

Dr Phil: Alcohol Abuse and Domestic Violence

Elaine’s history of alcohol abuse and Mark’s history of domestic violence were both brought up. These things have nothing to do with Dylan’s disappearance, but the divorced couple thinks they do. The story turned into a list of Mark’s problems and Elaine’s past.


Dr Phil: Search For Dylan Redwine, Parents Problems Overshadow Dylan

Elaine and Mark are more focused on their problems than Dylan’s disappearance.

Mark was married once before to a woman who said he broke his custody agreement. She said that he took their sons Brandon and Mark Allen and didn’t return them to her on time. She filed papers with the police. She also said that he got violent with her. Mark said the court is welcome to look into these allegations and hopes that they do if it helps them find Dylan.

Dr Phil: Dead Rat In Elaine’s Car

Probably the most ridiculous allegation was that Mark put a dead rat in Elaine’s car. There is no proof that he did this, but she said it proves that he is psychotic.

The dead rat has nothing to do with Dylan’s disappearance and is only distracting from the fact that a young boy is missing. Elaine needs to let it go and focus on finding Dylan, not dead rats that may or may not have been placed in a car by her ex-husband.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Dylan Redwine, call 970-382-7511.


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