Dr Phil: Royce White Obsessive Compulsive Disorder & Anxiety Issues


Dr Phil: Royce White Houston Rockets

Dr Phil: Royce White Obsessive Compulsive Disorder & Anxiety Issues

It took Royce White 24 hours to get to L.A. He said he felt safer driving versus flying.

Royce White has been playing basketball since the age of five. He said it gives him a sense of order to be on the court. He currently plays for the Rio Grande Valley Vipers on appointment by the Houston Rockets. He wanted a mental health clause in his contract with the Rockets because he has an extreme anxiety disorder. The fans have been in an uproar about White and said that he needs to get over it and play the game.


The Rockets suspended White because he could not travel to away games. He came to Dr. Phil to talk about his anxiety, OCD and how he tries to cope with stress.

Dr Phil: Fear Of Disorder

White was a first round NBA draft pick, but he’s been sitting on the bench for the Houston Rockets. He is the first player in the NBA to say he has a mental illness. He wants to pave the way for mental health awareness in the NBA.

White said his anxiety is triggered by disorganization. His shirts are all color-coordinated and exactly so far apart. He is bothered when his shoe boxes aren’t identical and his shoes aren’t in order. The pillows on his coach have to be just so and it takes him hours to get ready to leave the house.


White drove to L.A. to be on Dr. Phil. It was a two day road trip, but he felt safer driving. It took him hours to get ready to leave.

Royce White: Paving the Way For Mental Health

White said he feels calm on the court, but is receiving death threats in his email. There was no mental health clause in his contract when he signed.

In college, White played for the University of Iowa. He drove to several games, but did fly to 20 others. His coaches were understanding. When he signed with the Rockets he had a lot of stress. His doctor said he had to slow down and alert the team to his stress level.

Dr. Phil thought White was doing a great thing by drawing attention to his problems. It’s paving the way for other mentally ill players.


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