Dr Phil: Ron Internet Consultant Hunts Down Catfish & Goes After Dylan


Ron the Internet Security Consultant Goes After Catfish

Ron helps people that are afraid they are being catfished. He hunts them down and is able to stop them from catfishing. His practices are highly controversial.

Ron contacted Daniel and didn’t hear from him for two weeks. He thought that was a little fishy because if someone is stealing your identity online you would want to stop it. Then, Ron contacted Daniel’s girlfriend and that lit a fire under Daniel. He threatened Ron and told him to stop calling and harassing his family. Ron said that he never threatened Daniel back because he is a “business man.”


Dr Phil: Ron Internet Consultant Hunts Down Catfish & Goes After Dylan

Ron the internet consultant has been hunting down catfish. Victoria enlisted his help in going after Dylan/Daniel in this catfish with a twist.

Ron’s Violent Emails To Dylan & Daniel

Dr Phil isn’t clear what Ron has to do with this situation or why he went after Daniel so harshly. Ron wrote emails to Dylan, Daniel and his girlfriend, which Dr Phil has. He called Dylan names and was very urgent in his messages. It’s a little shocking that a little 60-year-old man would talk with such a dirty vocabulary.

Los Angeles County Prosecutors Office Goes After Ron

Ron also threw around the Los Angeles County Prosecutors office. He gave Dr Phil the name in private, but no person of the name exists at the office or in their system. The men from the LA Prosecutors office came to the show and wanted to talk to Ron. They weren’t happy at the way he is using their name.


Victoria contacted Ron when she saw that Dylan was not real. Dr Phil doesn’t think that it’s a coincidence that Victoria and Ron know each other. They met through a dating site and it’s a little strange. Victoria was clearly crossing boundaries and Ron was sending horrible emails to Dylan that no one in their right mind would ever answer.

Victoria told Daniel that if he is not the Catfish, then someone close to him must be. They had photos of Daniel that he didn’t even have online, so how else can you explain that?

Catfish: The TV Show Hunts Down Catfish Across the Country

Through this all, Daniel has sat by with a little smug smile on. I’m still not convinced that Daniel isn’t the Catfish. If we apply the Nev Schulman, host of Catfish: The TV Show, approach to this, it’s no coincidence that Dylan had all of this information about Daniel. I think this case definitely warrants looking into further. Victoria and Ron were not right in their way of going after Dylan, but something does need to be done.



  1. Erica says

    Victoria is the catfish, she is the common denominator, she and only she has spoken to everyone in this scenario, Ron while clearly in need of a hobby was used by her. It’s clear this woman became obsessed with Daniel and can’t let it go. The fact that she contacted Kourtney at the very last minute also screams foul! Like Dr. Phil said there are no coincidences.

  2. KC says

    I find it ridiculous that they never determined who the catfish was. What was the point of the show?

    It’s definitely Ron though. What a creepy old perv!

    • Katie DeNicola says

      I agree, I wish they would have found out! I was disappointed when they still didn’t name the catfish.

  3. Thomas J. says

    This is a long comment, but here’s some subtle stuff that many people didn’t catch the first time they watched it. I hope you (whoever you are) at least try to read it:

    They wanted to tell us who the catfish(es) were but probably didn’t have legal permission from them, so they said it between the lines.

    It was definitely Ron. They didn’t thank him at the end just before the credits and he just disappeared. They thanked everyone else, Victoria, Daniel, ESPN etc… Ron was nowhere to be found.

    Also, Ron admitted to having 4 fake accounts on a dating website just before that. 3 of which were women.

    One reason someone like Daniel had that smile was because he’s a model. He has an ego. And the whole situation was just so awkard and silly. People smile when they are in discomfort or laugh at horror films because they are scared.

    Also, a stalker is pretty good at reading every information they can find from every nook and cranny. The “real catfish” just saw interests from Daniel’s page and copied them onto a fictional character named Dylan.


    Remember Victoria saying “Dylan” and Daniel were obsessed with quotes? But both Dr. Phil and Daniel said out loud that it was a lie and there were printed papers with proof and the audience laughed. Also, the overly aggressive email ‘Ron’ sent to Daniel was nothing but QUOTES from classic movies, like “pucker up”. So it was actually Ron who LOVED the quote-stuff. Nothing Victoria said about Dylan or Daniels interests were true according to Dr Phil himself. And Victoria and Ron knew eachother from a dating site, at least that’s what they admitted. Victoria was telling things she knew about RON (not Dylan or Daniel), and lying to Phil and Daniel about them being stuff Daniel liked.

  4. Drew says

    Definitely ‘Ron’..

    You don’t even need to read into it as much as Thomas J so impressively did. Dr Phil always eventually zero’s in on who he knows is the target patient/party/agitator. The moment Dr Phil started laying out his Forensic Psych credentials to ‘Victoria and ‘Ron’, that was the indicator…adds an extra layer of credibility to what he is saying.

    I think Ron is actually a very dangerous man. He is deluded, a narcissist, a bully on the grandest scale, a compulsive liar and manipulator and is exhibiting stalking behaviours which will escalate.. Hope which ever authorities he dealt with after the show were able to snare him over something and get him off the streets.

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