Dr Phil: Non-Credible Denial & Disappearing Witness – Rob Looks Guilty


Dr Phil: Witnesses Disappear

Rob was arrested for Alex’s murder, but on the eve of the trial a number of key witnesses disappeared. This included the man who accused Rob and then took back his accusation, Mike. An anonymous source said that Rob’s family is hiding Mike and has been hiding him since Alex was killed. Rob’s family still denies that there is enough evidence to get Rob on anything, but Alex’s family has a mountain of evidence that something foul happened.


Dr Phil: Non-Credible Denial

Dr. Phil said the thing that makes Rob look guilty is his family denying he had anything to do with Alex’s death. Alex’s family has transcripts of Mike’s testimony saying that Rob was driving the car.

Rob’s family still said Mike had nothing to do with the case. Linda, Rob’s mom, thought that Dr. Phil was painting them in a bad light, but Dr. Phil said he just wanted to ask the tough questions. Alex’s family deserves to know what happened to their son. Rob’s sister Lenora wanted to leave and stop the interview. Dr. Phil got her to sit back down by telling her that her attitude wasn’t helping Rob.

Dr Phil: Non-Credible Denial & Disappearing Witness - Rob Looks Guilty

Dr. Phil said Rob looked guilty because he kept denying the crime without evidence.


Dr Phil: Rob’s Polygraph

Alex’s sister Jana asked Rob if he would take a polygraph. His lawyer called out from the crowd that he would not. He said that Alex’s family’s desire to know is interfering with Rob’s right to remain silent.

Dr Phil: Recreating Alex’s Murder

Alex’s family is convinced that Rob had something to do with their son’s death. They hired a recreationist to look over Alex’s injuries and weigh in on the accident.

He said that Alex had a deep wound on his right buttock and thigh that liquified the fat and tissue in his leg. This wound was 41 1/2 inches off the ground and a Nissan XTerra is 41 inches. There is strong evidence that Alex was hit with a car that fits the description of Rob’s Nissan XTerra. Rob insisted that his car had full forensics run and there was no evidence.

Alex was struck below his center of gravity, causing him to spin to the right, end over end. This supported the scrapes along his right elbow, knees and knuckles. To support the beating, the recreationist made a model of Alex’s skull. The CT scans showed that his head was not flat from an impact with the ground, but there were dents along the top and going down the back. This showed he was beaten repeatedly.

Dr Phil Final Thoughts

While no conclusions were made today, Dr. Phil advises that non-credible denial is extremely damaging. Alex’s family has a right to the truth, and he hopes they find it.


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