Dr Phil: Nissan XTerra Hit & Run Killing & How To Repair a Reputation


Dr Phil: Hit & Run Killing Or Falsely Accused

After Alex was run down by a car and beaten to death, his family went after the man they thought did it. Rob was accused of beating Alex with blunt objects, throwing him out of his vehicle and running him over with his car. Rob’s family said there was no way Rob could have done it and the charges against Rob kept changing. While Alex’s family has viciously pursued Rob, Rob’s family has had to deal with the aftermath.

Dr Phil: Nissan XTerra Hit & Run Killing & How To Repair a Reputation

Did Rob hit Alex with his mother’s car and leave him for dead?


Dr Phil: Nissan XTerra Runs Over Alex?

Linda doesn’t believe her son Rob is capable of hurting anyone. She said there is not a mean bone in his body. She also said that Rob was home at 11:00 p.m. the night that Alex was attacked, making it impossible for Rob to have done anything to Alex. If this is true, Alex’s family owes Rob a big apology.

Rob’s family owned a dark Nissan Xterra, which was what a witness said was seen in the area when Alex was found. The car was repossessed or sold the day after the hit and run. Witnesses said that Rob kept a gun and baseball bat in the car, but Linda said it was her car and it couldn’t have had those things in it.

Dr Phil: Alex’s Case Dropped

The charges against Rob were eventually dropped because key witnesses in the case could not be found. Alex’s family believes that Mike, Rob’s friend, was in the car with him when they went after Alex. In a transcript, Mike tells police that Rob was the one that hit Alex. He said over and over “he did it.”


Mike did not come to Dr. Phil because Rob’s family didn’t want to bring him into the investigation. Dr. Phil questioned this and wondered why Mike didn’t come to clear his name as well. While Linda said she didn’t want to damage Mike’s reputation, she also said Mike was under the influence and falling asleep when he gave his testimony.

Dr Phil: Rob’s Reputation

Linda moved her family across the country to get away from Alex’s family. The family posted signs saying Rob was wanted for murder and made t-shirts saying Alex was murdered. Rob’s sister Lenora saw horrible posts about her brother on Facebook. Rob’s reputation has been tarnished and it’s unclear which side to believe.


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